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  1. azana

    Ruben Blades movie trailer

    Ditto for here!
  2. azana

    Dancing in Tokyo?

    I’ll just miss you; I’ll be there in June-July :) If Sudada (in Roppongi) is still going, that’s the place for Cuban salsa. El Cafe Latino mixes up linear, bachata and merengue; the better dancers are upstairs.
  3. azana

    Random Thoughts

    No, Mick Fanning! Well, Bells is going to be annoyingly packed this Easter, with people and media wanting to watch his final event. In a normal year, the Fanning t-shirts are the first to sell out. I’m going to have to find a new favorite surfer... :(
  4. azana

    Female Hips vs Butt

    I dislike being touched/led on the hips - it's not the part of the body that is the problem for me, but rather that it feels the lead is being possessive. Some follows may not mind; I do. It can also suggests that the follow can't read or do the move by herself, so needs more help, needs a male...
  5. azana


    Hi guys, Much as I dislike to constrain anyone being able to have their say, could we move off the politics and back to general discussion of Cuba? We do prefer to stay away from politics on the forum, and when posters with such a vast and educational knowledge of salsa to offer are bickering...
  6. azana

    Best compliments ever!

    I am going to totally indulge following a lovely day out at St Kilda Festival, where the Latin Quarter sets up each year by the beach and when the band comes on people dance out on the footpath in the sun. “That was awesome!” (the better compliment was the enthusiastic “Yes!” when I asked for...
  7. azana

    Random Travel Thoughts

    Thinking about next summer already (of course!) - would I be able to backpack both Sri Lanka and Oman in 5 weeks? After the Sri Lankans kicked out their war criminal president I started to plan to travel there, but wouldn’t need the full five weeks. Oman is enticing. I’m not sure how good the...
  8. azana

    Salsa open diary

    I was out dancing in Santiago de Chile (why are the salsa nights when I’m travelling almost always the night before I have an early morning flight/bus? Need to be at the airport in a few hours!) and the leads were all doing the same moves! You just had to dance with one lead and you knew what...
  9. azana

    Random Travel Thoughts

    Valparaiso, Chile - this is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been. Somewhat of a cross between Potosi (Bolivia) with its steep hills and colorful colonial facades and the laneways of Melbourne (Australia) with their famous street art, but more beautiful than the other in each respect...
  10. azana

    Salsa leaders - your golden rules

    Apologies for the interference, but can I ask us all to please leave off the current debate, as I can’t see it moving in a consensus driven direction. If we could get back to the main questions posed by the thread and keep it nice, that would be great. Thank you.
  11. azana

    Feeling an obligation

    I’m afraid I empathise with Chris on this one (being a qualified TESOL teacher myself and having taught overseas). Having conversations with students is actually very hard work when their English isn’t strong. It can take considerable patience and effort and definitely feel like work. I was...
  12. azana

    Random Travel Thoughts

    Wow, Paraguay is friggin’ expensive! Not least the US$135 visa (that being said, Chile was $160). I wonder what my chances are of finding salsa in Asuncion...
  13. azana

    Random Thoughts

    I was at the supermarket in Santa Cruz (eastern Bolivia) buying some snacks and drinks, including a bottle of beer as I’ve been trying the different local varieties. The checkout guy stopped. “You’re only buying one bottle of beer?”he asked. “Are you sure? Just one?” The lady in the line behind...
  14. azana

    How far will you drive?

    It took me a series of five flights (Melbourne-Sydney-Auckland-Santiago de Chile-Lima-La Paz) to get to some killer parties with live bands in La Paz, Bolivia.
  15. azana

    I think I stopped the spam

    When I’m out of Bolivia and can access more frequent and better wifi, it will help :)
  16. azana

    Upgrade Coming

    Yes, I agree with Peason, David :)
  17. azana

    Random Travel Thoughts

    Due to the bizarre perspective created by the endless, flat salt pan, you can dance salsa with a dinosaur at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. I would have preferred an imperial walker, as this is where the planet Crait scenes from ‘The Last Jedi’ were filmed, but then again they probably don’t have...
  18. azana

    dancing etiquette

    I find that rather harsh. It’s happened to me a few times, particularly when the lead wants a second dance, so they grab on and don’t let me escape. You can’t get away without getting physically violent (and risk being seen/labelled as ‘hysterical’) or if you say no he might then tell you how...
  19. azana

    Your top 5 dances of 2017!

    It’s only the start of January but I just had my best dance of 2018! I can’t see it being topped :) A teacher at Mongo’s in La Paz, Bolivia. He came over to me in the group of Bolivian friends I’d made with a huge smile, grabbed my hand, pulled me out onto the floor. The timing! The control, the...
  20. azana

    Happy 2018

    It would be nice, albeit difficult (busy job, not being based in a big scene) to be able to dance more than once a month! I’ll see what I can do. I’ll try to travel to some decent dance destinations, possibly Tokyo, Dubai... I’ll be in Europe in September (Greece and Italy), but with a big group...