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  1. azana

    The Dream Stanley Cup

    This is a DREAM Stanley Cup - it's my two favorite teams! I never thought this day would come... :P I announced it to all of my colleagues. They are used to me launching into excited monologues about baseball, surfing and ice hockey and smile politely while quietly wondering "What is she on?"...
  2. azana


    Fervently hoping all of our members and friends from France are safe; Hexlibris, Tresto and others. Our thoughts are with you.
  3. azana

    Where will you be dancing in the holiday season?

    Who knows; there may be other SFers around / on the move... December 25: Tokyo December 31: Santo Domingo Mid-January: San Francisco/Tokyo Late January: Sydney (congress) Very much looking forward to it - having considerable trouble concentrating on work at the moment while planning a trip...
  4. azana

    Amazing things DO happen in salsa!

    1. EXACT even numbers in a workshop!! :eek: 2. Offbeat passes Suitz's challenge! 3. Nestor has some new jokes! :eek: :eek: 4. Doing shines last night, I and the guy both did a triple spin at the same time (and neither of us fell over, lol...) - it was so awesome! We were near the side...
  5. azana

    Sydney Latin Festival 2012

    Well, I guess someone had to start the roll call :) The draft workshop schedule is out; what are people thinking? I received a good recommendation last year for shines with Magna :) . The Friday looks pretty good; I'm disappointed I most probably can't make it, especially as the Sunday...
  6. azana

    Salsa Information for (Insert City Name)

    There are often small threads for those smaller cities or less well known destinations, which may or may not receive an answer or dance recommendations. My idea was to have a one particular thread where members could request information about random destinations. I'll start off with a...
  7. azana

    Sydney and Brisbane

    Hi there, I’m planning a short domestic trip and am trying to plan my itinerary in order to maximise salsa opportunities. I’d intended to just visit a friend on the Gold Coast, but discovered a deliciously cheap fare via Sydney, facilitating a super salsa stopover. Also, not only is it...
  8. azana

    Sydney Salsa Congress

    Is anyone else heading to the end of the world and going to Sydney Congress 2011? Any advice? I know some of the Los Valientes Dance Project crew will be there again - yay! but Australia seems a little lacking from discussion. I have a lot of confidence when dancing in Tokyo, where I find...