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  1. opm1s6

    Japan Salsa Congress: Rollcall

    Who else is going to this event? We've been here since Thrusday afternoon and hitting it hard tonight! Message me if you want and we'll grab a dance.
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    Johnny Vasquez' Message To LA

    I'd like to get your opinion on how the LA scene has changed this last five years. Clearly his message can be applied to a lot of the top dance cities and their dance companies but in particular, I feel like there has been a lot of change in LA...and I don't even live there. What's been going on?
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    Where To Dance Salsa In Houston?

    From what I know there's Salrica and Lonestar, but they are once or twice a month events which makes it particularly hard for out of town folks to know where and when to go. Anyone from Houston?
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    Orquesta Orengo - Stairway to Heaven

    Where can I buy this song?! I've looked on Amazon, iTunes and a number of other sites and just can't get it in an album or as a download.
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    "Linda Melodia" in salsa music

    There are many songs that at the beginning of solos (particularly piano solos) the sonero will say "linda melodia!" For example: Ray Barretto - Salsa Y Dulzura at 1:45. Of the top of my head that's the only one I remember, but I know it happens a lot. Any other...
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    Santo Rico 15th Anniversary Gala!!!

    It's the 15th Anniversary of Santo Rico! This gala comes with dinner, amazing shows celebrating Santo Rico's amazing choreographies, its incredible people and social dancing with the best dancers in town. We were turning away people last year and this one is bigger, more glamorous and exclusive...
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    Sonny Bravo - New York Latin Scene CD

    Sonny Bravo - New York Latin Scene: You Gotta Turn Me On CD I'm considering buying it but I could use a recommendation and thoughts on the album and which tracks they like. I love Work Your Show, but I don't know the rest of the album
  8. opm1s6

    3rd Aniversario De los Bailadores De NY - March 4th, 2011 featuring....

    Eddie Torres, Santo Rico, Vitico, and Junyversal March 4th, 2011 Monte Carlo Room 2700 Jerome Ave. For fruther information or to purchase your tickets call Santo Rico Dance Studio (212) 289-1302
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    Performance Problem

    Anyone have any idea how to keep your shirt inside of your pants? I know that seems like a strange problem to have during a performance, but it's actually a significant issue. Anyone experience the same issue?
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    Salsa Audio Samples

    I'm looking to do some audio editing, but I kind of need some decent audio samples of genuine latin beats for salsa, cha cha cha, guajira, maybe even some afro cuban percussion tracks. Anyone know where I can get these? Thanks
  11. opm1s6

    Personal Take On My Favorite Follows (technical perspective)

    Obviously this has changed as I've improved, but I feel that one thing we haven't talked about on this forum is what makes a great follow truly great. I have discussed this with friends at various points, but writing about it might actually help me organize my thoughts better. I'm strictly...
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    Santo Rico 14th Anniversary Party!!! - Friday September 24th, 2010

    Starts at 9PM and it's in the Bronx at Side Street, so it will be a large venue. Lots of performances, free food, great DJ...and lots of fun. If you need tickets or more information contact me. Get them in advance to get the discount.
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    Performance Training Thread

    So I've dealt with various injuries in the last few years, and in particular a knee injury concerns me. Through my gf influence I've gone to a number of yoga exercises to genreally help my lower back and knee pain, but I have a fear that when I return to performing, that my legs and core won't...
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    Dshon - Sofrito (Bobby Marin Remix)

    Where can I get this. I heard it on and I really REALLY liked it!!! Really unique
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    If you could do anything as a profession...

    what would you choose? Would you actually want to do salsa full time or would you do something else...what's your dream job?
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    Justo Betancourt - No Estas En Nada

    Alright so it's pretty well known that I love the music of Justo Betancourt, particular his Borincuba days. Now I'm looking for something similar to a version of No Estas En Nada that includes the clave clap section just like in his live performance in Caracas in 77...
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    2009 The World Salsa Championships

    h__p:// so they were held over the weekend, but I haven't heard anything about them...what is this thing, and why aren't there any results or videos? The entire competitive salsa world just confuses me
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    Sheet Music

    So i want to give someone a gift for christmas in the form of a Korg piano and the sheet music to Al Delory's Via. I know it's originally a Claudio Baglioni piece, but anyone know where i could go for sheet music, or to have the song transcribed? I'm willing to pay a fair price, so I'm not...
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    Flute Within Salsa

    Any albums or artists that you guys recommend for great salsa and flute mixes, and I'm not necessarily talking about typical charangas :P
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    Beat Counter Software

    Anyone familiar with any software that can numerically tell me the beats per second of a bunch of songs? I know it's out there, I've seen it! I just can't find it now :(