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    How can I learn to distinguish between On1, On2, and Casino songs?

    For me songs with Vibraphone or xylophone have a strong linear Style on2 feel. They always seem to have a very distinct slap on 2... but I think like others said, personal preference and conditioning.... Songs Ive heard when learning casino for me are always casino songs :)
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    Finding 1 in (Cuban) rumba

    this might help with the clave question,
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    Finding 1 in (Cuban) rumba

    I think the clave almost always is played in Guaguanco, so just follow the clave, at least you will be on 1 or 5.... if your are talking about rumba columbia iam not sure, if think the chrus sings on 1 but dunno really
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    Which Salsa Congresses Or Major Events Do You Plan To Attend in 2018?

    Zurich as this weekend? Just a heads up. They had to change the location for this year. its much smaller, and there is no concert :(.
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    An app to find partners to practice with?

    I cannot help you with that, but I would be surprised if there isnt any for france. Sometimes they also use faceboook groups
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    An app to find partners to practice with?

    There are Websites for that, depending on where you are... I used but thats for swiss people.... theres also apps like spontacts that kind of do that, but they are mostly for a certain area.
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    Advice for a new person

    take your time, dont rush it, there is no shame in attending a lesson multible time. When they ask if someone can help out in another lesson, its usually a good Idea to do so... Listen to a lot of music (search for Timba, the music that is usually played for "cuban salsa" Go out for social...
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    Do you even need the basic step to lead?

    Yeah you are right of course, I didnt mean like depend on the follower, more like feel where her weight is and lead accordingly.. of course he should always know by himself where in the song he is.
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    What was your hobby before salsa?

    Iam a holyday kitesurfer, once a year and play badminton weekly. the only thing I cut back for dancing was PC Gaming.
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    Do you even need the basic step to lead?

    mhh cannot edit anymore :( I didnt see the whole video, but the "partnerwork" stuff seems to be very basic.. more easy to play around. If you need the basic step to keep time and know when to execute certain elements, do alot of listening to music and dance freely and try to always know where...
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    Do you even need the basic step to lead?

    Small steps, use the followers for timekeeping, feel on which lag their weight is placed... If you need the basic step to keep time and know when to execute certain elements its not yet time to "freestyle".
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    Musical Instruments?

    I second Smej... Small Percussion is "easy", but Guiro I find is actually difficult to play... Clave Stick, maracas, "muted" cowbells might work, but like smej said. they are loud. I was once at a Party where the DJ played the cownbell, and he got the clave wrong, it was dusturbing as hell...
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    Salsa / Heavy metal mixes

    Ill Niño uses Latin percussion but its not salsa.... here is a guy covering one of the best known salsa songs still not salsa even tho its a cover of one of the best known salsa songs( there are other songs of him ).... If you like to dance salsa, do it to actuall salsa music... I listen to...
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    Afro-Cuban All Stars Tour

    has anybode been ? They play this Saturday and iam planing to go.... the video looks promising...
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    You know you're addicted to Salsa if.....

    Strange Salsa Congress flyier... where are the performares nad the half naked ladies?
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    How far will you drive?

    very seldom half an hour.. longer for livemusic but i live in the city and most venues are within bycicle distance :)
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    Which Salsa Congresses Or Major Events Do You Plan To Attend in 2017?

    I want to go to paris, and heard that its worth it to go on a weekend where sal'sounds and le salsa club both happen on the same weekend. according to FaceBook that should happen only on the 18 and 19 of april 2018.. but thats the weekend of the PISC event. All other dates usually are appart by...
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    The implications of dancing consecutive times with the same person during a night of dancing

    I like the 1 dance rule, it makes it much easier for me to ask people to dance.. if its not working out I just say thank you and move on, if it works out, I go back to her later and get my second dance. In a multible dance rule , if I leave after 1 dance its often taken as a insult...
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    Sonido Bestial

    i like the song, but i havent had the chance to dance to it yet... its one of the songs that i wont dance with someone i dont know... the chopin part i would probably do solo with footwork matching the piano.
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    Salsa open diary

    Iam just back from the Gilberto Santa Rosa concert, was a blast, it seems he appeals to both linear and cuban dancer, both present, nice mood