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    Iam currently developing an App for learning basic Patterns for the percussion instruments

    Hi I tried to learn some Timbales and Conga Patterns and I got frustrated when I could not do multible things at the same time , like playing Clave with a footpedal and the standard tumbao on the conga, or Playing Mambo Bell and Campana on the Timbales at the same time. My ultimate goal is...
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    Mambo City 5 Stars 2017

    Genral: Rather small congress ( compared to Berlin, Zürich, Warsaw) Location: The Hotel was nice, well organised... Organisation: There was only 1 Bar serving Rum, and It was in the Kizomba room downstairs self serving free tap water was Awesome! It took maybe 3 minutes to get my wristband on...
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    Anyone coming to Zurich for the festival this weekend? Eddie Palmieri in concert on friday!

    The Lineup is not really great, a lot of national teachers...
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    the new la maxima 79 is out, and the full album is already on youtube...

    Ordered the CD alreay....I like it that they write the style next to the song
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    Salsa parties on weekdays

    A friend of mine plans to start a salsa party, but my city seems already a bit full, so we thought about offering something different, one Idea is to start earlier than usual, hence the poll. Another one is offering special themed Parties, like Music from a certain time or place. I coud imagine...
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    to the conga players

    are these videos good? he's got whole series on percussion... I like it a lot but I'd like the opinion of someone whoe plays conga. I would also not have a Problem to pay for material, so a link to some good material is very much appreciated
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    Salsafestival advertisment and communication

    So Berlin announced Bobby RR&BC and it got cannceled with very little communication. Zurich Festivall Announced Alfredito linares , and today ( the day of the concert they announed on FB that due to Visa Problems Alfredito cannot make it ) The concert is still gonna happen with Jimmy Bosch und...
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    How do you recognize a break?

    So i was dancing to echala mas salsa yesterday, and hit the break at 2:24.... after the dance the girl asked me how I knew that.... and actually I have no idea other than it happend after the 4 repetitions of the phrase with the violin kind of sound......are there any indications right befor it...
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    Salsa in Frankfurt 2015

    Hi, I gonna be in Frankfurt from the Tuesday 20.10.2015 to Sunday 25.10.2015 Any tips on where to go Dancing, is there like a up to date website with Information about the Clubs? I prefer cuban style Anyone here from Frankfurt?
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    Hi I got this CD "Los 3 Señores De La Salsa: Cheo Feliciano - Ismael Rivera - Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez" from a friend and each song is labled with the Style. See the Picture I found out what Pregon (Example La mansisero) is , but I cant tell if its just the lyrics that define it. No Idea what...
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    Berlin Salsa Congress and Timba

    I checked out Berlin Salsa Congress and didnt find any Information on the Website if there is a room for Timba/Casino. So I asked via Mail. Answer: There is no Room for Timba and there wont be any timba in the Main floor. The sad thing is, they have a Kizomba room :( I though berlin has a...
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    Salsa in St. Lucia?

    Hi Iam goin over to St. Lucia for Kitesurfing from 11-17 April. I was wondering if any of you might have insight on the salsa Scene there if any exists at all.