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    Which teachers have good websites for learning?

    check out youtube they have great stuff
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    Dancing to Learn

    In our September/October 2017 issue, The Dance Current asked dance educators working in school boards across Canada to share advice for new dance educators. As part of the research process, Arwyn Carpenter, who teaches at Perth Avenue Public School in Toronto, shared this video with us. Dancing...
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    Expressive Bodies and Digital Cultures

    What is at stake for dancers and the dance profession in the face of technological advances? To begin, you might consider the common fear that live performance, by expressive dancing bodies, could one day be eclipsed by artificially intelligent machines and the Internet’s burgeoning DIY dance...
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    STEM From Dance

    STEM From Dance is a non-profit organization that combines dance and STEM to empower young girls and encourage them to pursue this predominately male field. It gives young women in low-income communities the opportunity to learn coding and discover a unique form of creativity. First founded in...
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    Choreographing Community

    It’s 1989 and Karen Jamieson is sitting in a dark theatre in Ottawa. She is there to take in a range of some of Canada’s best dance, on display as part of the new Canada Dance Festival. Jamieson’s own career is at its peak. Six years earlier she had created Sisyphus, named one of the ten...