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    Tito Puente COMPLETE Discography???

    Noraida was Beny More's wife...
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    The Miguelito Valdes Thread

    Thanks for posting that link! Fantastic!
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    Salsa DJ wanted – no experience necessary

    I think the question that needs to be asked is why do people want to become DJs? If it is for the ego or 'glamour', then they will never be a patch on a real salsa DJ. If they do so because they love the music, then why would they not bother to acquire an in depth knowledge of salsa music, and...
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    Music Questions 101

    There are so many different definitions of Son Montuno, ranging from Son music 'from the mountains', to the percussive instruments used, to the actual rhythm itself. As I understand it Son Montuno can be fast or slow, but is commonly at a similar tempo to ChaCha and Guajira. It lacks the guiro...
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    What I'm listening to right now...

    Tres Cosas - Chu Linares
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    Your Top Three Salsa Instrumentalists

    Hmmmm.... 1. Gustavo Garcia (trombone) 2. Candido (conga) 3. Tito Puente (timbales)
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    Your top 3 Soneros / Singers

    I don't really listen to any Timba - only classic Salsa. But one of the great things about discussing music in threads like this is learning what else is out there. I'll definitely be checking out some of the Cuban singers mentioned above. Thanks for all the posts everyone. Any other...
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    Your top 3 salsa/mambo/Latin music artists

    Can I give a new top 3 based on slightly different criteria? 1. Javier Vazquez 2. Hector Rivera 3. Alfredo Linares Everything these guys wrote, arranged, or produced was gold.
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    Your top 3 Soneros / Singers

    Great choices Mambo T and matty! Let's hear some other top 3s...
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    Your top 3 Soneros / Singers

    Following on from DJ Yuca's thread on your favourite Salsa artists, who would you rank as your 3 favourite vocalists? My choices would have to be: 1. Chamaco Ramirez 2. Nestor Sanchez 3. Ismael Rivera
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    Your top 3 salsa/mambo/Latin music artists

    So difficult to answer... I'd have to go with: 1. Ray Rodriguez 2. Eddie Palmieri 3. Ismael Rivera Based on these artists producing a bunch of great albums - quality and quantity!
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    Who says on1 salsa lacks musicality?

    No, but I'm very cape-able... ;)
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    Who says on1 salsa lacks musicality?

    Again I agree with you. That's why I said "more or less". And it's why I agreed about dancing fluidly. What I was trying to say is that the different step pattern is a reason for the 'perceived' difference between ON1 and ON2.
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    Who says on1 salsa lacks musicality?

    Of course you are right that there is always a pause in every 4 beats, and also that this pause is unnoticed if one dances fluidly and continuously. However, the difference in the basic step pattern of ON1 and ON2 means that at the beat of the pause in ON1 your feet are together more or less...