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    Dancing Elitism and the constant improvement.

    1.. Stomps on your foot 9. Stomps on your heart
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    Dancing Elitism and the constant improvement.

    Here is my take on dance hierarchy (low to high): (there are many factors which can make one "unattractive"; everyone has there own list and it can be quite subjective) Followers: 1. Unattractive, can't dance, and dangerous 2, Unattractive, can't dance 3. Attractive, can't dance, dangerous...
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    Social scene oddities, male vs female perspective

    May I suggest you make it a tattoo on your left wrist. You can seem to be looking at your watch but actually be consulting your tattoo. (Note: my tattoo reads "1,2,3.....5,6,7.")
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    Memorable Salsa Quotes

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    Dancing with latinas who are untrained

    Slot or linear salsa is a foreign concept to very many in latin america. Girls grow up dancing within their families or with friends, and for the most part people don't go to studios to pay to learn how to dance. So many are pretty good dancers but have no idea about the conventions of salsa...
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    Guys, What Do You Do When Your Gua Won't Go or Your Ran Kan Can't?

    OMG this is so awesome. I am going to do a salsa compilation!!!! Any submissions much appreciated.Thanks Joco!
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    Guys, What Do You Do When Your Gua Won't Go or Your Ran Kan Can't?

    Don't worry guys,we won't get into that. But don't you just hear things in songs that sound like words in English? I swear there is an Africando song where the guy is singing "Talkin' bout my Jelly, my Jelly Doughnut" Am I the only one that hears these things? Anyone else have examples of this...
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    salsa negative effects

    I have a very hard time coming up with a negative, certainly none to counter the many positives: 1. More fun - it's the most fun thing I do, and I do a lot of fun things 2. More energy, optimism, and joy. 3. More friends, social interactions 4. More learning, striving, achieving 5. More...
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    Follower keeps apologizing - what to do?

    Usually the apologizing is due to the lady experiencing performance anxiety. Seems to be most common in newcomers. She is stressing because she thinks she is not up to an acceptable standard and she reads every hiccup as a fault on her part, I tend to do one of two things, or a combination of...
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    Advice on 'when' to use shines please?

    I have suffered from shine-o-phobia (also known as fear of flailing) for some years: but this is what I have learned: 1.) more ladies than I ever expected really appreciate a chance to shine. I would almost say most ladies, at least those beyond the beginner level. So guys, we should give them...
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    Salsa open diary

    We need a thread for victims of nonconsensual bachata to come forward and tell their stories.
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    Best compliments ever!

    I'll take this as a compliment. I went out to my favorite place and had a really fun night dancing. My beginners were all fun, my intermediates were fun, my advanced partners were awesome. One beginner - Emily - who I had met at the free lesson before the dance (yes, I have officially learned...
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    Funniest/silliest/random Salsa stories

    (Funniest/silliest/random postings in a thread titled Funniest/silliest/random Salsa stories.) Let's get it together, people!
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    Salsa open diary

    Blue fusion was unexpectedly a blast. Basically, anything goes. So you can pull in any move from cumbia, salsa, merengue, tango whatever and its all good. A friendly vegetarian group, I knew I was an outlier when we introduced ourselves in the circle at the beginning of the lesson.We were...