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    Salsa for halloween?

    Not sure is someone posted all ready. Nadie se salva de la rumba - various artist Draculita - latin dimensions Misterioso - Charles fox Celeveras - latin brothers El diablo - soneros clasicos del caribe La tumba - dax pacem Vampiro enamorado - grupo Rasa. Greetings!!
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    Salserin & Papo Lucca !!!

    Hi everyone, hope you can help me with this album.Years ago, I listen this song and I know who plays it because the DJ mentions it. I never listened again until now that someone posted it on you tube.. . I found that the album is called "impregnado de ti" By Salserin. and the song is actually...
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    Santeria music

    I respect any religion / belief and honestly I don't really pay attention to what the music says. I only care about the rhythm and yes, the tone of lyrics help a lot.. There is a lot of music that is in (I think) African languages I don't know what they are saying but and I enjoy... Some...
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    Do you like salsa or bachata more?

    For me, SALSA Million% better..I fell that Bachata is kinda slow and doesn't have too much rhythm, I think is boring. Salsa has everything: rhythm, flavor, is sensual, all the good stuff....Plus is a musical genre that never stops giving us surprises, never stop discovering new music, new...