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    Random Thoughts

    It took me 1,349 days of lurking to get to 100 messages. But now I Can't Stop!
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    I think I stopped the spam

    Don't you worry about it. You're doing a great job. Thanks for your hard work. PS: curious if my post gets through :spam:
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    Feeling an obligation

    I hope you at least had some fun between Beginner's Hell and Teacher's Hell. :)
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    Upgrade Coming

    I have a little request for the new design. Is it possible to set the default value of "Stay logged in" in the login form to uncheck? As I don't want to remain logged in on websites, I have to uncheck the option every time I log in. People that like this feature only have to click it once...
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    dancing etiquette

    Where did Jag75 say that you shouldn't ask the person you want to dance with if she/he would like to dance with you? He only said that you shouldn't be asking permission to someone else to dance with this person.
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    Salsa open diary

    That's going to be a looooong dip :eek:
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    What is a "Salsero/Salsera"?

    When I hear Latin music, my heart starts dancing. It's good enough for me.
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    Congress/Festival Reviews

    It's nice that the organizer was impressed by your dancing. But I wondered if he asked you if you had any experience teaching salsa before proposing you to teach at the next festival. If he did ask, and you have teaching experience, there is no problem. But in any other case, I would see it as...
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    Dancing Elitism and the constant improvement.

    That's how it is suppose to be, I think :)
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    Dancing Elitism and the constant improvement.

    I am wondering, did you ever try to let all this thinking go? Just put your body and mind out of your conscience control sort to speak and let the music and your partner guide you.
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    Festival workshops are useless if you are a social dancer...

    The best workshop I ever took was one on percussion. 3 months later I had conga standing in my living room. Another 2 months and I was taking lessons. Talking about an inspirational hour :)
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    Dancing Elitism and the constant improvement.

    How about when you go dancing for, you know, just the fun of dancing? I think that should eventually become the goal for everyone. Simply enjoy moving to music together with a partner and the entire room. To bad that these things often get thrown out of the window once people start to "learn"...
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    What do you dance when they play Chan Chan...

    ... and sing along :sing:
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    marketing On2 while making fun of On1

    Actually, this all started with Thread drift!
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    marketing On2 while making fun of On1

    Good teachers should be able to deliver there point without ridiculing others.