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    Congress/Festival Reviews

    This thread is good to check up from past reviews about congresses. Why don't you create a new thread? Altough I think it has been discussed before :troll: BTW, I don't know anyone in Europe that calls slot dancing i.e. on1 and on2 = mambo. That post was not correct.
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    Hitting New York...

    El Gran Combo are in NC (~ 2 hours away) on Friday and Saturday after 26th. Depends if you want to see them or focus on dancing instead.
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    Congress/Festival Reviews

    He-Man and Skeletor dance on1. See 1:04
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    Hitting New York...

    Eddie Palmieri playing NYC this Friday and El Gran Combo last week. Due diligence needed :troll:
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    What is a "Salsero/Salsera"?

    Someone who can dance ballroom :troll:
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    looking for a name remix "la palomilla"

    I think the version you are looking for is by Rudy Calzado. (and if it wasn't, it is now :wacky:)
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    What I'm listening to right now...

    Los Kintos have a good version too.
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    about Orquesta Sonica - La Salsa La Traigo Yo

    This song is on itunes now. Are you getting royalties from it?
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    Which Salsa Congresses Or Major Events Do You Plan To Attend in 2017?

    Great work! What did you think of Vilnius? I am thinking about that next year. And which month is Romania? I saw a couple of different months and could not tell which was the biggest. October?
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    Did Milton Cobo retire from salsa?

    What happened to Milton Cobo? I used to watch his clips years ago, although found them a bit repetitive towards the end. The ladies loved dancing with him because of his smooth lead. Did he retire from the scene? I noticed his website is now not active. Jaded of the scene?
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    Latin dance Scene in Dublin, Ireland?

    Dublin is bachata heavy but a lot of salsa too. Some Saturdays have an equal mix of all three.
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    Learning from Youtube stigma..

    Youtube doesnt give feedback. Not great for beginners, no problem for more advanced.