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    Do you even need the basic step to lead?

    Surely you're joking with those vids @granrey. Edit: there are so many excellent examples of Dunning-Kruger on youtube, it's amazing!
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    Salsa life - men vs women

    I haven't danced with Adolfo myself, but this is not the impression I get of his leading at all.
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    Salsa life - men vs women

    Definitely on the top of her hand, yes. Not even remotely related to the lobster claw/death grip. It goes the other way too btw - some follows hold on to my fingers with a death grip which makes it impossible to lead, and is quite painful. They get blacklisted pretty fast.
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    How do you acquire music?

    Super late answer, but thought I'd give you one anyway @afincao! I use Spotify a lot to find music, because like iTunes, the selection is pretty remarkable and ever-growing. I use the following ways to discover new songs on Spotify and in general: - Soundhound/Shazaam if I hear a cool song...
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    choreography vs Leading/following

    And yet others will play back at/with you if you play with time :D
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    Do you even need the basic step to lead?

    If you actually turn her instead of lead her, that is rough on the girl. You are also extremely confused about how outside turns are led. Incidentally, those three videos are good examples of why youtube is dangerous for novice salser@s!
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    Salsa life - men vs women

    I was recently at a workshop of Adolfo's, and was very surprised to hear him advocate leading with two fingers - and one of them was the thumb (the other being the index or middle finger ofc)! Of course, he emphasized that you should NEVER EVER squeeze. It's supposed to be barely more than...
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    What I'm listening to right now...

    Good man, good song! I will post a....salsa romantica! And...a "cha cha romantica"! Ok, it's not really a cha cha...but you can certainly freestyle cha cha to it. @Marisha should be happy! I barely tolerate most romanticas, but this one is different. I'm even playing it tonight when I'm...
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    What was your hobby before salsa?

    "Heavily male dominated" might be an understatement! We're probably talking like 2-5% females. Not the best place to meet girls :P It's a pretty fascinating game, and fairly complex.
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    Best compliments ever!

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    Best compliments ever!

    Would it help if we said you have no chance of achieving said connection until you've danced for a couple of years, but your gf might experience it after a few months? :troll::vulcan::inlove"
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    What was your hobby before salsa?

    Lifting weights (which I still do, but not as frequently unfortunately), playing Magic: the Gathering (a strategy game) extensively, table top role-playing games (which I still do), some computer/console gaming (which I no longer do). #nerrrrrrddd
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    Moves to use with absolute beginner girl (line style)

    The bolded is just patently false, but I suspect you mean something else given your later suggestion of keeping things simple. Can you clarify?
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    The salsa life healthy or unhealthy? Is salsa addiction real?

    Solution: confine most of your late night dancing to weekends. Or get a job with really flexible hours. Am I misremembering, or are you a software dev Chris? If so, should be possible to find a job where you can start at 10 AM no? I feel you btw. Went to bed at 1 AM after dancing for 4 hours...
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    Best salsa tunes and albums of 2017! (Reissues included if you like)

    Argh, impossible to find online. Cool song! Any clue about where to find digitally @matty /others?