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    Latin Dance Community website

    There is a website called that features articles on topics relevant to the latin dance community. They also post special offer discounts on congresses/festivals from around the globe. Its a great site to check out!
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    The trip advisor of Salsa congresses!

    Hi Sunsoul. Thanks for the heads up. No, normally our dates are pretty accurate. I'm not sure why this one was listed incorrectly...but I've corrected it and changed the dates to those listed on the Facebook page. Thanks!
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    The trip advisor of Salsa congresses!

    With over 2,100 Facebook likes continues to grow! Check it out and post your review of congresses you've attended. If the congress isn't listed then let us know and we'll post it for you!
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    What now....

    Try a new site called There are some good articles there. is a pretty good podcast as well.
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    Hopeless About The "Established" Salsa Congress Format...

    There is also an article on Dance Planet Daily called "What's wrong with Latin dance congresses?" It talks about the current state of US festivals. Hopefully more European info. can be included as the site grows. I can't post the link here because I don't have enough posts yet...but you...
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    Is there a good forum/site for finding roommates for salsa festivals?

    Just curious if anyone knows of a good forum/site (or if one exists) for finding roommates for salsa/bachata festivals...? I go to several a year...mostly within Texas (where I live), but when travelling out of state it would be nice to have someone to share hotel expenses...since flight's cost...
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    Getting hard to find a dance partner

    I do agree that socials are very helpful as well. I learned salsa and bachata a few years back with a few regular partners, but once I got confident enough I was dancing with everyone regardless of their skill level. I made my mistakes...but it was fun to learn once my confidence was up...
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    Dance Planet Daily

    Hey everyone. Check out We have articles on salsa, interviews/profiles with influential salseros, event listings, etc. We also have similar content featuring bachata, kizomba, tango, etc. We are put together a dance classifieds and a section that will allow people...