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    Ballroom Competition Merengue

    ;) ... here's a lesson followed by a demo ... I agree about the actual competitions, there can be some awful dancing ...
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    Salsa remixes of popular songs

    Ok I'll throw out a couple of songs ... son Salsa? Si o no? We Don't Talk Anymore (cover by MANDINGA) Shape of You, Ed Sheeran (Remix by Antony Nova) Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran (by Antony Nova)
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    Salsa remixes of popular songs

    These songs sound musically confused. It sounds like 3 or 4 styles poorly arranged and mixed together. If I heard these in a club, the last thing I'd do is get up and dance. I might even think for a second that the DJ left the L/R fader somewhere in the middle :rofl:
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    Why I don’t dance ... anymore

    More importantly - do you need a towel when dancing Sensual Bachata? ;)
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    What to do when you stop enjoying the dance?

    I think the average guy just needs to learn to be more selfish with their body while dancing. There's an expectation from guys starting from a very young age that we need to bend over backwards to make sure women are ok. Unfortunately in dancing, when you give it all away (posture, balance...
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    Why I don’t dance ... anymore

    I thought it was interesting that it was about "sensual bachata", I've seen a push back in some quarters calling out "sensual" as not really bachata - instead it's considered something new and different - with its own separate culture. I guess it's similar to Salsa, where the large influx of...
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    How do you acquire music?

    I agree about iTunes, their Salsa y Tropical content has expanded greatly in the past 3-4 years. It was pretty sparse a few years ago but it's worth a look today. Perhaps it took awhile for the surviving labels to convert their old libraries and jump on board? But it might be important if you...
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    Salsa remixes of popular songs

    I also agree that I have yet to find an Afro-Latin remix that I really like. Though there are properly done arrangements of modern songs that are decent. (like the Mandingo cover/arrangement of Adele's 'Hello'). It's very pop Salsa but at least I can call it Salsa.
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    Salsa remixes of popular songs

    You can just say arrangement - it's assumed that an arrangement is a version of a song. It's also crystal clear when you compare a remix to an arrangement.
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    Dancing with latinas who are untrained

    I think the best way to approach any un-trained Latina is to let their natural body movement come out and follow that movement. Once you're in that zone you can see where it will lead (ha ha, yes pun intended). ... and it works for trained follows too!
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    Beethoven In Havana

    Love this. He records the whole piece with different parts of the piano.
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    Is Salsa dancing (globalized slot version) is an American art form?

    Neither here nor there ... Just thought it was interesting to see influences past, present and future ...
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    Asking on-1 or on-2 then dancing neither

    For me, 22:00-26:00 min was the most interesting part of that video. Where he talks about how students lose the fun when they start taking too many classes. And also where he talks about how that has affected him as well.
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    Beatmatching salsa (and bachata) music: yay or nay?

    For Afro-Latin music - NAY! To me beat-matching doesn't make sense with Afro-Latin music because the importance of the percussion is completely different than in the Western approach to music. So matching the beat will have a different effect. Beat-matching makes sense in Western style music...