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    Salsa - My New York Adventure

    Not sure it's fair to damn an entire scene on the strength/weakness of one party. I lived in NYC for a year and just when I left, I felt I had tried enough classes and socials to know there is a depth of talent and skill in NYC. It;'s everywhere....
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    Not sure what to do in this dance position

    In Chicago, this was rampant...thank the universe it's gone......
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    Is this cheating?

    Ya, he's a're cool. <3
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    Salsa - My New York Adventure

    Just someone's personal opinion??? Now my own opinion: NY is dope AF.
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    Can eye contact during a dance make me a better dancer?

    Just don't be creepy about it. As a guy, it's more for spacial awareness as well as making contact with my partner. That said, there is the inherent human connection so by all means....
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    Basic step weight transfer

    If we look to our Ballroom friends, they suggest (which makes sense) teh footwork of the dance is "Ball, Flat." I teach the step: BALLFLAT (one motion over one count/"1") BALLFLAT (one motion over one count/"2") BALL (on 3) Flat (on 4) -------------- BALLFLAT (one motion over one count/"5")...
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    How to improve body isolation in Bachata?

    From my experience, most body isolation classes don't focus on the back movement that is the most effective way to get that torso active. Yes, it's not necessary for body rolls but it WILL give you an active body ryhthm which will feel/look better to your partner. In regards to body...
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    Patronizing of dancers new to Salsa

    I'm in no way a DJ but I do cover our DJ when he wants to dance. I always look for music that is around 88-94 BPM as it;s more groooooove music and not performance music. That said, it also depends on the crowd. We cater to an on2 crowd so the songs will be inherently different.
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    Dancing with latinas who are untrained

    Ya, just dance their dance. It's not about right or wrong it's about the individual experience with the person in front of you. I bet anything, most will be happy with right turns and basic cross bodies...
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    Bride and Groom salsa dance at the wedding

    If you have any DJ friends or even dance studio owners...ask them to cut or blend the two songs for you...shouldn't be too big of a deal. =D
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    Best compliments ever!

    Personally I love it when follows mention that I'm a smooth lead. Admittedly I could use some updated moves, but I'm more interested in the one-on-one experience with my partner. You get smooth when you pay attention to your follow fellas. =D
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    Should I be upset and worried that my boy/girlfriend dances salsa with other people?

    Indeed, it seems like you can't avoid the opposite-sex interactions but you have to have a solid relationship to be ok with it. It's part of the scene..unless you're one of those weird couples who only dance with each other....
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    Santo Rico spinning technique?

    It's great in general how the whole scene has evolved. Yamulee picked up and thrusted the mantle forward. Having just recently worked with Osmar, the evolution of the Dominican style it a sight to see.