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    Salsa leaders - your golden rules

    Rule Number One: Never be surprised at your follower's ability to surprise you
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    Which teachers have good websites for learning?

    I used to believe that you can learn to dance salsa from videos and YouTube clips. Now I know better.
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    Salsa remixes of popular songs

    Just the thought sends shivers down my spine.
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    salsa dancers' perceptions of tango

    I danced AT for several years until my regular partner lost interest, and I keep meaning to get back into it. In my experience tango, even more than salsa, is all about the connection between you and your partner. I was taught that whereas in salsa you lead your follower (and sometimes she...
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    Best compliments ever!

    A well-meaning follower once said to me that I didn't dance like an Englishman. Speaking as a Scot, I took it as the ultimate compliment. :)
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    To Dance or Not to Dance!

    If I don't want to dance to a particular track, I won't. If a follower asks me for a dance when one comes on, I'll smile sweetly and say "I'd love to dance with you, just not to this track". It's not rocket science.
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    The "sit-the-dance-out" rule

    I'm a simple soul, so I can only cope with simple rules. :) Rule 1: If a follower asks me to dance, I will always say either "Yes" or (occasionally) "Sure, but I hate this particular song", in which case I will make a point of finding her later for a dance. Rule 2: If I ask a follower to dance...
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    Advice for leading "difficult" follows?

    Learn to dance on 1 ?
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    Timbalero @ La Di Da in Melbourne on Thursdays

    No, I'm from the UK, but I wouldn't rule out a return visit sometime. :)
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    Timbalero @ La Di Da in Melbourne on Thursdays

    Made it there a few weeks ago, confusingly it wasn't at the usual place so I can't comment on La Di Da, but the substitute venue was pretty good. Lots of willing partners, some nice compliments, music pretty good apart from too much kizomba. :meh:
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    Salsa in Vietnam [trip report]

    I spent a few days in HCMC last month, only venue I made it to was La Fenetre Soleil (Wednesdays) but I would echo the OP's sentiments - very friendly, nice mix of salsa/bachata (didn't hear any kizomba, thankfully). Wish I'd been able to stay longer.
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    Timbalero @ La Di Da in Melbourne on Thursdays

    It's been running for about a year and a half now. Anybody been? What did you think of it?