What's your favorite crazy Salsa Songs?

Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by vendetta4v, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Here we go new topic!!!

    What's your favorite, crazy, super fast, breath taken, salsa dura, song.

    I have one every couple of days right now my absolutly favorite is
    Pa La Rumba-Orq. Unica still haven't danced to it maybe in the upcoming friday.

    What's yours. :rocker:
  2. AndrewD

    AndrewD Shine Officer

    Never danced to it and I'm not sure many DJs would be brave enough to play it, but Vamonos Pal Monte by Eddie Palmieri is pretty bonkers.
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  3. What's with this bravery

    All the time I hear Djs blabing about bravery risky song.
    You know ppl like to have fun they like to be chellanged some time and surprised with a crazy song and everybody who dance salsa loves the attention and loves performing(those who can't they dream about it).

    So i'm not saying that all the salsa song should be crazy and fast, that will put a wrap on the night i saw that happens.

    But what i'm saying is "CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!!!!!"

  4. Slawek

    Slawek Shine Officer

    Generally as a dancer don't like super fast songs :) So will just name a few that are crazy, fast and still danceable:

    Mambo All Stars - Sunny Ray
    Markolino Dimond & Frankie Dante - El Quinto de Beethoven
    Ray Barretto - Arrepientete
    Willie Bobo - Haitian Lady
    Orchestra Dicupe - Aguantate
    Frankie Dante - Precioso Montuno

    And one really fast (hardly danceable without slowing it down): Ocho - La Cosa Se Pone Fuerte
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  5. AndrewD

    AndrewD Shine Officer

    I think the thing with super fast or really odd tracks is that they put off your average, run of the mill dancer.

    I love them though - usually you get more space on the dance floor :)
  6. salsalexx

    salsalexx Sonero

    what about "Cal tjader - Mama Guela" ?

    that's quite a quick song ;)
  7. Ah slawek

    The songs are nice no doubt about that but not really crazy(maybe it's just me, i like it mental crazy so fast your heart jumps out)

    Let me give u some examples Salsa Adalberto Santiago & Ray Barreto - La Pelota this is crazy and almost undanceable (great successes!!!)

    But the funny thing is i was looking for Arrepientete hihihi
    Bardzo jinkuye again.
  8. Two of my favourites have got to be, Joe Cuba & Pruebalo and The Har-You Percussion Group & Welcome to the Party.
  9. Welcome to the party!!!

    Welcome to the party, naaaaaaaa...
    Sorry not for me. Heard that tune so much it's comin out of my ears.

    Just doesn't do it for me any more.

    Speaking of joe cuba here's my favorite of his Quinto Sabroso that's a killa one. And who ever says that it's undanceable, here's a guy name Francisco (maybe you heard about him) to prove otherwise.

    Have a nice one. Peace. :bouncy:
  10. dosvueltas

    dosvueltas Son Montuno

    Azabache - Batman Y El Hombre Araña
    Eddie Palmieri - La Malanga
  11. well!!!

    Again it's a thing of taste and where you r located, but batman and spider man for me is entirely overplayed.

    I used to like it a lot but then the deejays started playing it every night, and i just don't like it any more.

    Some things are meant to go down in the history of salsa music, while others remain just a memory.
  12. .Xl!nkK.

    .Xl!nkK. Banned

    No La Descuides from Grupo Gale.
  13. kbitten

    kbitten Clave Commander

    acere bonco
    la cosa se pone fuerte
    allianza de generales
    and the instrumentals: michael's mambo
    LT mambo
    Descarga angixi

    only thinking of them makes me breathless
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  14. Hi kbiten could you be more spesific it's really hard without the artists names...

    snowboy rulles

    you should check out duste's remix it's nice
    Another one of my favorites right now is Trabuco Special by Kako
    it's a beast.
  15. dosvueltas

    dosvueltas Son Montuno

    Re: well!!!

    I agree with you on the overplayed thing. La Mambo Pantera, Dame Cinco, Careless Whispers, Thinking of You... when a DJ plays it ad nauseum it gets sick to even listen. But in Singapore no one has played Batman and Spiderman for a long, long time.
  16. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

    A DJ has to think of everyone in the room. Pa La Rumba by Orquesta La Unica is incredibly fast, unless the club is full of very advanced dancers who actually like dancing at breakneck speed, the floor would empty pretty sharpish. An almost empty danceflloor, with just a couple of people showing the rest what they can do, should be reserved for 'showtime' not for social dancing, it's not very social.

    Have you ever thought of performing? You can choose your own music then and have the dancefloor to yourself ;)
  17. SalsaN00b

    SalsaN00b Changui

    marc anthony - valio la pena

    awsome song...
  18. talking bout an overplayed....

    speaking about overplayed songs
    maaaaan this is the mother of over played song B

    I used to like it too until the dj started to grind that isht like a mother as they usually do no i can't stand it

    See a great dj spouse to have enough good music and can feel the crowd and self respecting dj will not put an overplayed song in a good salsa club were are a lot of really good dancers unless requested. everyday there is a new salsa song just some djs are lazy and that's all i have to say(well actually not all but a fear i might get cut)
  19. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    When does the poor advanced dancer get to let his hair down and work up a sweat to a really fast track?

    Not at the studio practice session obviously (mustn't scare the beginners)
    Not at the local social (mustn't scare the beginners)
    Not at the regional social (mustn't scare the beginners)
    Not at the congress (mustn't scare the beginners)

    So when?

    I think a DJ should cater to all the dancers, and that includes the advanced dancers. There is not a magical world where the advanced dancers go to dance to all the hardcore music, they have to do it right there in the club!

    Back on topic: Babo Jimenez, Babo, track 2 I think, which may be called "Desde Ponce"... It starts medium tempo and ends up letting rip with the most insane Timbale solo that ends in the rest of the band collapsing before returning to re-iterate the theme...
  20. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

    Re: talking bout an overplayed....

    How do you know it's not been requested? You'd be surprised how many people STILL ask for songs like La Pantera Mambo, Valio La Pena, Dame Cinco, Show Me ect, it's not always the DJ's choice. Some people like familiarity and others may not have been in the scene that long and the tracks that are overplayed and tired to us could be new and fresh to them.

    Of course, it depends what type of night the club/event are promoting and the clientele they are trying to attract, if it's a hardcore salsa night with mainly advanced dancers, then yes such tracks may be frowned upon, but if it's just a relaxed salsa party night for all, you've just got to get a feeling for the crowd and go with the flow (and with the demand when necessary and appropriate).

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