What is the most unique dance setting?

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    What is the most unique dance setting? The answer of course would not be in a salsa dance studio or at a salsa club. What strange, special, unique places have you salsa-ed in?

    For me, I can think of two such instances.

    1. The captain of my college football team was a really good looking guy with blonde hair, blue eyes and the cutest smile. He was an attacking mid-fielder who scored a lot and was a school hero. One time, he and I were discussing what to do that Friday night after exams. I suggested salsa. He did not know how to do any dances at all. Outside in the college quad, it was gently snowing. We found an area surrounded by evergreen trees wrapped up in Christmas lights. The location had decent privacy and it was there that I taught him how to salsa under a snowy winter sky under the cover of trees.

    2. I was at London's Heathrow Airport waiting for a flight. There was a bad storm outside and my flight was delayed. While waiting for boarding, I saw another girl around my age looking at her Apple Macbook and trying to follow the steps to samba on her screen. I was bored and a big fan of salsa so I struck up a conversation with her. I offered to teach her the basic steps. As the two of us were dancing at the airport, other passengers noticed, including some gentlemen who came in and volunteered to help dance the male part. Soon, the four of us found a quiet corner and were dancing to music softly playing from her Macbook. Yet another couple who actually were quite good at Latin dances joined us as they too were waiting for their delayed flight. Soon enough, we had an impromptu salsa show at the airport with six of us dancing before airport security hauled us away for questioning due to our suspicious behaviour.

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