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  1. Why is salsa so addicting? About 16 months ago I was your typical 20 year old college guy with no rhythem. A girl asked me to go to a salsa club one night and I haven't missed a night since. I went with her b/c I had a little thing for her, but that was the last time she went for months and now she gets intimidated dancing with me. Then again I have some friends I've tried to bring to salsa and it just doesnt click, sure they think its cool I can do it but they just have no desire to learn. What is it about salsa dancing that makes it so addicting, and why do some people seem to be hooked from the start and others just never catch the fever. What is it about the dance that attracted all you guys, dig deep!
  2. Karlita

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    So true!!!! I'm becoming so addicted! And amazed- salsa turns out to be a way bigger world than I ever imagined! I'm so excited to be entering the door!
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    Some people catch the "fever", other's don't. Those of us who are (come on, let's all admit it) addicted are sometimes puzzled why others don't share our enthusiasm.

    When I first heard Salsa music, I was immediately attracted by the rhythm. After a few months of classes and hitting the first few clubs, that was it. Life now has two phases; before Salsa, and after Salsa :lol:

    Why has it taken a hold of me like it has? Hmmm, I'll get back to you on that. I have to go to rehearsal right now...

    The music strikes a chord with me. Whenever I hear it, I can't sit still -- I have to get up and dance to it. The fact that it's a partner dance plays into it as well. Remember that saying about, "the healing power of human touch"? Well, within the context of the dance, there's a level of intimacy experienced -- within the bounds of propriety, of course.

    And now, there's also a scientific explanation for it (thanks for pointing out the thread, Peach!). So I echo Memphis Salsero's sentiment -- I'm not crazy after all :lol:
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  5. Thanks peach that was an awesome exerpt! I knew I wasnt crazy! :banana: who else thinks this banana guy likes to salsa
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    What happens to a dancer

    When I'm dancing, it's like a whole hidden part of me is now free...free to express itself, free to feel and move deeply with no hesitation or self-consiousness (this has come slowly, but I'm getting better!), free to be sexy, spunky, silly, classy, whatever. It's like you can be all of these different people from dance to dance, depending on the music and your partner. The music inflitrates you...gets in your blood, in your brain, in your soul. You hear it and you HAVE to move.

    Salsa is exhilarating. Dancing with someone and letting them really, truly lead you throughout the whole dance without anticipating, just dancing and feeling the lead and the music, especially if it's a fast song....wow. There is just no other feeling like it.

    When you're a beginner, and you finally do a double spin, you're immediatly on a high. Then, someone spins you six times for the first time and you nail it, on balance.....an even bigger high. And so on and so forth. It just keeps getting better, and the highs bigger....so you have to keep dancing.

    It's a wonder the entire world doesn't Salsa. ;-)
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    :applause: :applause: :applause:
    you said it all, LilWhiteBlondGrl!!
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    Before anything is manifested in the physical it must reside in the spiritual, which means that while science does its best to explain the physical world, it can only reveal triggers, leaving the source of the world and our interaction with it unexplored and unexplained.

    To understand the addiction to salsa we must look deep into the music's history, our trajectory through time and our interaction with the music.

    Percussion has always been used in all nature based religions to summon the spiritual. Percussion, as it was once very nicely put into perspective by a good friend, is the heart beat of universe (A Native American definition). The “only” part of a human that is spiritual is our souls, hence, when percussion plays it automatically summons a part of us that can not be explained rationally, therefore the attraction becomes unexplained, simply because living in a Christian built society, the soul and its interaction with the universe is never pondered, ultimately never explained in a manner which becomes something we can all understand and use.

    For those of us who are automatically addicted, it means that our mind (subconsciously or consciously) was ready to explore a deeper part of existence which we are told doesn’t exist. The rhythmic nature of salsa guided our souls to a physical manifestation. Percussion became the needed event, experience, in our life needed to get us to feel the destination being pointed.

    It goes something like this, the music, or melody causes our brains to let its guard down, while the mind isn’t controlling the body and our existence, the soul is allowed to come out and play. Readily feeling the exuberant joy of to soul, even if just a glimpse while submerged in salsa, causes us to consciously seek that which we know we feel, but don’t understand. Here is where science comes into play. Now that the soul has caused a reaction in our physically body, it comes in and studies the bodies reaction to an action that it can only see as bodies in motion, for it leaves out any deeper play than our bodies action and reactions to the physical world, reactions that are not only limited to salsa…

    Those of us who do not feel the bug is similar to a grammar school student being placed in high school in a calculus class. The student can feel, can hear, but his mind isn’t ready to absorb and let go of the world it controls. Therefore, they’ll never be able to feel what other people feel.

    Not being the only reason, we must also look that not every person needs to go through the same experiences to learn of a spiritual journey guiding our bodies to deeper existence, therefore, in a bad analogy: Christ, Buddha and Muhammad all reached enlightenment through different paths. One destination, (the omnipresence of the soul), which to a very limited point is present in salsa, and the many detailed paths to get there (Liking salsa or not / Christianity, Buddhism, Islam). The paths are the physical experience needed to get there, or simply details of the world perceived through different fundamental beliefs of the world, yet to one destination, which for all intentions and purposes of us in salsaforums, we can say is dancing salsa.
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    :D :banana: :D

    Boriken, you rule! Check out the quote in my signature line. :rocker:
  10. Boriken-
    I hope I'm not voted off this board for this one. Boriken I have to say though I'm relatively new to this board, your post and opinions are among those I most respect. It is because of your ability to see salsa (as well as our questions and the rest of life) with the soul and not the mind that makes your post enchanting for the rest of us. I also believe there is something deeply spiritual and unexplainable about its pull on our souls.

    However I dont consider it the vehicle by which I am discovering a deeper part of soul, and saying that we have been prevented from pondering the interaction of our souls and the universe because our society is christian-based is completely opposite of reality. I know this is not a suitable thread for this forum, but it is the relativism, pragmatism, and yes the legalism and tradition that hides itself under the mask of christianity and other religons that keeps us numb to the cries of our heart. (true christianity as Christ lived it is what gave me any kind of a life in my soul at all, in fact it christianity not a religon at all, that is just how we classify it because saying it is a relational process of deepening our hearts isn't as comfortable as it being a religon).

    I love salsa, and am so passionate about it, but truth be told I believe when I started dancing I loved deeper and felt things more intensely. Dancing had nothing to do with my fall from that, but now I feel I have substituted the depth of a relationship with God (by God I mean God as true christianity portrays) for a dance. At first when I danced I felt b/c I was doing something so incredible. I believe when the dance is done right it is a portrait of how society and relationships between people should work, and the entire atmosphere at the club was so loving, and because I was passionate about something I loved I felt my soul was deepening and my relationship with God enriched.

    Salsa was like throwing a log on the fire. Now I feel that the fire is gone, but I still love to dance deeply in my soul. So i still have this log and its like I am trying to stay warm with it alone. My soul no longer thrives, I think salsa gives it just enough to stay alive and keep me satisfied. The scary thing is I think if I quit dancing I'd go back to the fire. Which is ironically why I am moving to L.A.
    Sorry if this is a long and unnecesary ramble, but after reading your post I had to write it.
  11. LilWhiteBlondGrl

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    That took a lot of courage to write so honestly, MS. I admire that tremendously...and I agree with you.
  12. borikenSalsero

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    That was a beautiful post Memphis Salsero, and I can not disagree with the very world you see, for it is as true as my reality can be! Your very existance proves the reality of your words.

    Thank you for the kind words and the post.
  13. LilWhiteBlondGrl

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    I'm going dancing in a little bit, and I CAN'T WAIT. I just had to share my excitement with those would would appreciate it!!! :lol:
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    Have fun LWBG. See you when you return. :D

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