What changes have you noticed since starting dancing?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by smiling28, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. smiling28

    smiling28 Moderator

    Hey team,

    Dancing is such a wonderful pursuit. Loving it!

    Easy to get caught up in a lot of stuff and forget that ultimately whether you have trophies/fans/flawless basic step and turns at the end of the day it is about whether you enjoyed it!

    So just wondering about changes/improvements you have noticed in YOU and your life since dancing.

    To start us off:

    * I have adjusted to less sleep lol
    * I care more about how I dress/personal hygiene etc
    * I have tried to see things more from others perspectives (both in dance eg. follows but in dance studio/normal life. Focus on the result to be achieved (communicating the message and not just sending it).
    * Appreciated people from many different walks of life
    * Appreciated there is so much in this world beyond my comprehension (eg. everytime I see a new dance style/hear a favourite new song/dance with a new person)
    * Admittedly I probably do not have that great a balance in life as much as it is work/dance. I still do my martial arts a little and catch up with friends when I can but probably not making too many more non dance friends as spending so much time there.

    so what about everyone else :)
  2. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    1 no longer work in an office now
    2 dont have much disposable income any more :cry:
    3 dont need to get up early in the morning :cool:
    4 have friends in nearly every country in the world
    5 have better balance, dont trip over or drop things
    6 am fitter and more toned
    7 dress more glamorously and do more girly hair/make-up stuff...actually care about all that nowadays
    8 have worse skin owing to constant sweat sheen on face.:eek:
    9 don't see as much daylight
    10 am much better at not getting wound up by rude behaviour
    11 am much more aware of my own body
    12 my need for personal space is much smaller - have even started to....wait for it....bachata! :eek:;):D
  3. Flujo

    Flujo Sabor Ambassador

    Like Amanda, less issues with personal space and firmer buns. :raisebrow:
  4. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

  5. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    1) Better dressed
    2) no longer get to do geek stuff
    3) no longer doubt whether all women are completely nuts
  6. SalsaManiac

    SalsaManiac Son Montuno

    So is that a yes or no? :D
  7. noobster

    noobster Pattern Police

    sleep less, skankier clothing, nasty bunions, smaller personal space bubble
  8. miércoles

    miércoles Nuevo Ritmo

    I'm an even bigger show-off than I was already.
  9. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    1. Have given almost all my old, nerdy shirts to Goodwill and bought new 'salsa shirts'. Same with jeans. A couple women have complimented me about it, something that never happened before.
    2. 1 1/2 years ago, I was scared to death about asking women to dance. I'm now completely fearless, regardless of their dance level or appearance. This has carried over a bit into everyday life.
    3. No longer depend on my wife and her choice of friends for socializing. In fact, we spend very little time together. (I know, that doesn't sound very good...:neutral:)
  10. GayleR

    GayleR Son Montuno

    More confidence
    Better posture
    New friends all over the world
    Feel (and I hope look) much younger than I am (chronologically that is;-)
    Better stamina
    Improved cardio strength/capacity
    Rock hard calves
    Thicker calluses
    Improved coordination, musicality and timing
  11. Tom

    Tom Son Montuno

    Better balance
    Know a wider variety of people
    More confident
    Drink less
    Quicker reactions
    Improved sense of rhythm
    Better dressed
    Generally better sense of well-being (unless I haven't danced for a while...)
    Bigger bags under eyes
    Right big toe joint packing up
    Left knee getting dodgy
    Less disposable income
  12. opm1s6

    opm1s6 Sabor Ambassador

    it took dancing to help you figure that out?! :p :eek::D

    I swear to God, I thought that said rock hard claves. I had to look at that a few times. phewww, I definitely need a salsa night and stat to cure these midweek, financial crisis blues.

    So I initially got into salsa for various reasons, none more important than any other, but what I quickly grew to understand was the ability of salsa to work wonders in other parts of my life. I've always been a renegade from the social norms, and the discomfort that comes with that, didn't really settle until I found salsa. Growing up, in what is an urban/suburban border of New York, showing any sort of great passion for anything other than sports was strictly frowned upon by others. My passion for music and in general, my appetite to be completely mentally enveloped in an activity is something that came easily, once I found salsa.

    Immediately the ease with which I made friends actually surprised me, and I realized how much more relaxed I was, knowing that other people shared the same passions and that in fact they gravitated towards me because of them. From that perspective it's made me more confident without a doubt, but not really anymore than I was capable of. It was there, salsa just brought it out.

    I think I started to like people a little more than I used to. I know that might start to sound weird, but the salsa community really has a set of values that filters people out. There are certain characteristics that salser@s have that really I found was honest, endearing, yet flirtatious and fun. This balance between people who didn't want to drink, but yet were so open to sharing their enjoyment for the music and dance is very appealing.

    It has definitely made me more assertive with women, and I'm far more...alpha I guess. Not in the ******* at the bar kind of way, but I'm just not bothered ever by a girl's looks and the way I talk to a girl has nothing to do with attractiveness and that has definitely shown outside of dance. That said, I'm also less likely to go out of my way to socialize with people in the typical ways, for instance at bars. My interest in that lifestyle is zero if it already wasn't. That has probably distanced me from coworkers socially, and from some friends, but that's well worth the price for the friends I've gained and the comfort I have in my choices.

    I've also noticed my foot speed is far better from the hours of shine practice. Not in running, but in dribbling a soccer ball and in tennis. You wouldn't think those are necessarily directly correlated, but as a serious junior athlete I spent hours doing foot drills and the shine work just helps on weight balance and precision, which are absolutely necessary for both of those sports. However, I'm also must less likely to go out and play both since, every time I do I seem to get hurt so that I have to miss classes or socials. I sometimes, just end up taking a run than risk getting in on a rowdy pickup game of football or soccer that I know could risk me getting knocked around too much. I’m used to 5 day salsa weeks, and missing even one makes me agitated.

    I use to help run some soccer forums, and I've definitely decreased the amount of time I dedicate to writing and managing those because of my salsa addiction and I think my passion has shifted.

    I actually get home at a decent hour on weekends instead of being out until 6 in the morning. To add to that I almost completely stopped drinking, and I'm so ok with it that some of my peers look up to me for that strength of character and openness in being different.

    There's much more, but these things have character limits don't they? :p
  13. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    Its been awhile so I don't remember what I did with all that "free" time I had before (great thread btw):

    -Only buy clothes that could work for salsa (not a big deal for us guys).
    -Be sure to fit into those clothes.
    -Visit and hook up with friends on two continents that I met through salsa.
    -My music collection increased ten-fold in number and a million-fold in diversity.
    -Continue to drive old beat up cars (maybe the burglars will ignore it in the club districts).
    -Take minute naps at work, still working on making it look like I am working.
    -I should take pity on those poor people who just go home and watch TV, but I don't.
    -Have tried to learn Spanish - it works when I am in country then I forget everything.
  14. GayleR

    GayleR Son Montuno

    OPM1S6 - Wow, what an articulate and thoughtful response. Thanks for sharing those thoughts, many of which I agree with but obviously didn't express in my point-form list, which included my "rock hard claves" (HAHAHAHA).

    I especially can relate to the concept that many salsero/salseras seem to share certain characteristics that are very appealling that can reveal a great deal about the person's true character and personality that we might not otherwise get to see. I love the general acceptance of people without the judgement. (Well it seems this way to me anyway - maybe they are judging me, but interestingly enough I don't seem to care and I talk to and dance with everyone.) No one knows my last name, where I live, where I work, what my income level is (OK, maybe my car is a bit of a give-way if they see me driving). People just get to know me, and I get to know them in a very different way than in "real life" outside of the salsa scene. And for that I am really grateful.
  15. redHOT

    redHOT Son

    Wow! Great things here...

    Not much has changed other than not being around as much
    and bad eating habits (although I definitely lost weight early on & had not changed my eating then)

    just wanted to say everyone is so insightful here.
  16. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    Skirts have gradually got shorter as realised easier to dance in.
    Shopping for non salsa clothes or shoes puzzles and bores me now.
    I perform strange exercises in changing rooms testing clothing suitability.
    Able to skip aerobic gym exercise as know will get it dancing.
    Got used to less sleep.
    Met lots of lovely people.
    Now have understanding of an addicts mindset....
  17. vata07

    vata07 Descarga

    yes i too no longer doubt whether all women are completely nuts...i'm absolutely sure about it now!!!! :D
  18. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    Was about to make comment on this but then remembered I am called Crazygirl!
  19. Offbeat

    Offbeat ¡WEPA!

    Me too ! Only for a second though. BTW that was very articulate response! Glad it had such a positive influence on you. I can now at least narrate what salsa dancing can do to people :)

    The more I read these responses and get to know other regulars the more I think I am atypical.
    - Buying clothes and dancing never intersect in my mind. So far I don't own anything(clothing piece) that has anything related to salsa written on it.
    - I hardly ever listen to salsa music outside the clubs.
    - I find shine classes boring and don't really enjoy them.
    - All my socializing is with non-salsa folks. (there are a couple of girls I met because of salsa but 97% our shared time/activities/socializing are not dancing related)
    - I never been to any salsa after-party (ok I did go to one, two weeks back but left within 5 minutes).
    - haven't had a salsa crush

    On the more typical side:
    I do go to clubs two or three times a week on an average interspersed with occasional long breaks. Sometimes going to a club is the last resort because the other options for the evening suck. I do always have dancing shoes in my car, but then my car trunk is also full of soccer gear, skates, tennis gear, running shoes, spare jackets and other stuff etc. (note to self: gotta clean up the trunk). When I go out of town, I do try to look up options for going out dancing. Spend money on congresses. And finally posting on SF :)
  20. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    before salsa, there was too small a sample space

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