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    Hi all!

    I spent two months of this summer in Cuba for my masters' thesis in musicology. I was there doing field research, dancing, taking classes, going to concerts, getting to know people and in general, just having a good time. :) As I'm an amateur (but working) photographer, I had my camera with me as I wanted to capture the marvel that is the Cuban dance/music culture! Video is a new medium for me, but I practiced it somewhat this spring so that I could actually get something done in Cuba.

    As I was working for my thesis, I didn't want to carry a back-bag of "hey I'm a tourist"-equipment for the whole time, but still I managed to get some nice footage! I will be updating this playlist with more videos of music and dance as I get trough the material but here are some of the best stuff that I have, enjoy!

    My Youtube user:

    Best regards
    Matias Löyttyniemi
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    Nice! thanks for sharing.
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    I just added a new video from a concert of Osain del Monte! For those who don't know them, Osain del Monte is a young, energetic and innovative rumba group that has just released their first album. I went to their concerts four times during my 2-month trip to Cuba, and the atmosphere was always through the roof! Especially in the second half of the set the dance floor was packed with people dancing the night away!

    The music of Osain del Monte is filled with interesting and amazing material, from their use of snare to timba-like bloques (for example 8:10-8:22) and gears-styled changes (for example from 14:30 on), not to mention the thrilling conversations between the tumbadoras, played by world-class musicians! I decided to upload this 15-minute-long video as a whole, because it contains some very interesting stuff for those interested in cuban rumba music!

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    Here is a video from the rehearsals of a songo group, Suave Tumbao!

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    Nice thanks for sharing but i i don't have any videos.

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