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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by antigone, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. antigone

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    I want to take the tricks and lifts class at the Toronto congress. Since I've never been to a cognress or to one of such classes, I don't know what to expect. Does anyone have experience? My main concern is that I'll have to trust some stranger not to drop or otherwise maime me. Do people usually go to these classes with partners? What kind of things are taught? Will I still gain something if I do it without a partner?
  2. GayleR

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    Take the class. 99% of people DO NOT go with partners. People partner up in the workshops. In most workshops, partners rotate, though not usually in this workshop as the idea is to get used to your partner and develop some level of trust. You will need to have some elemental core strength and be able to support your weight.

    Some people will have lift experience, others will not. But Katie and Billy are AMAZING teachers and they will break the moves down into their simplest components. They also use spotters and are all about safety. This is a do not miss workshop.
  3. Offbeat

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    If you have a pass to do workshop you can definitely take it. No need for partner and it is safe. I took lifts and tricks class at my first congress (I was a rank beginner knowing only basic steps). It was fun and safe. The breakdown of the technique was good. For safety they paired up two couples. While one couple tried the lift, other couple acted as safeties to save you from falling or losing balance. They did rotate the partners.
  4. smiling28

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    If it is billy and katie, you MUST do it. Honestly, these guys are SOOOOO good. They focus on safety and partner welfare to the HIGHEST degree.

    I am completely secure in recommending anyone to go to their workshop as long as they LISTEN and do not do ANYTHING without the instructors say so.

    On lift workshops overall, from my limited experience granted, I feel they are worth attending as long as everyone takes care of themselves and their partner. There is NOTHING wrong with saying to your partner, I dont feel safe with this.

    Eg. I went without partners to all of mine and then met someone at the start of the class (turn up a little early and chat to people, most are feeling similar to you). Then we just went up to the point of the lift we felt comfortable and watched the rest. Eventually we did it all anyway as we felt safer but there was NO harm/offence in saying 'this is my limit for now' :)

    Have fun and I know you will take care of yourself!!!

    *if you dont feel safe with your partner stop for sure though :)
  5. antigone

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    yay, thank you so much for the indepth reviews, guys! didn't even occur to me that they would have spotters
  6. SalsaTO

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    Billie & Katie's Lifts - Tricks @ Canada Salsa Congress

    I took Billie and Katie's 2007 Canada Salsa Congress Lift workshop and am working up portions of that workshop for upcoming shows. I picked up a partner there as Billie carefully matched people without partners at the beginning of the workshop - no problems as she was an ex-cheerleader and was strong. They do *not* rotate partners in their lifts class - it's a trust and safety issue as a lift is 'lead and follow' taken to the extreme. And paired the couples together so one couple 'spotted' while the other worked with the lift or trick.

    I also took their Spring 2008 Toronto workshop with my partner and we use three of those lifts and tricks in our current routine - as well as a lot of other drops and dips. They are very methodical and safe instructors.

    I do advise the followers to spend some time strengthing their core muscles. While one is learning a given lift, one is having to maintain the position much longer than one would in a performance or a competition. Strength is needed, otherwise, the leader wil not be able to hold the follower in position or execute the lift. Leaders need strong arms, shoulders and upper back muscles too. Remember that one is working against gravity with full body weight.

    Get the crunches and 'planks' and push-ups going fast!
  7. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    Hm..I lost what little core strength I had when I stopped doing regular yoga. Guess I'll practice my apologetic smile instead :) Thank you for the advice!
  8. MacMoto

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    Don't forget the lats too - in lifts where the woman needs to support herself by the arms, it's the lats that do the work (as I found out when I took Dave Paris's lifts & tricks).
  9. SalsaTO

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    Dance Conditioning

    The 'planks' - front and left side side and right side - start working the latissimus dorsi, or 'lats' about a minute into each one. Ideally they should be held for 3-5 minutes, with or without the arms extended, preferably with a hand weight 3-10 pounds.

    Been teaching fitness for 20 years. Doing drops and tricks and lifts for seven. I've found the follower needs the abs first. The upper body will start coming in as they work it. The gym finishes it and then they are good for performance.

    If the core strength is lacking, the follower will literally collapse and drop their legs in a stag. For an over the shoulder lift, the follower will fold like a book and drape over the leader's shoulder like a blanket.
  10. smiling28

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    looking forward to your recap after the workshop :)
  11. antigone

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    haha, you're thinking it will go something like "it was pain beyond pain and I folded like a blanket and pulled my lats"?...well, whatever it will be, I always do much better when challenged, so I'm sure I will get something out of it. Just in case, I will practice my blanket look in addition to the apologetic smile. All you gym types...*sigh* still counts if I lift 30 pounds of kicking toddler every day

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