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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by bailar y tocar, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    So here is a situation I get all the time at salsa congresses.
    There are many awesome dance partners available. I have been trying to get a dance with a particular (but way too popular) dancer. I refuse to get "in line" behind all the other guys waiting for their opportunity. I don't want to miss out on all the other equally awesome dancers and songs. They may be (and usually are) just as awesome without the wait and the opportunity cost of a missed song.

    There it is: my return on dance investment advice.

    Anyone else ?
  2. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member


    I've queued to get a dance with a "salsa celebrity" once. I didn't like the fact that I had to waste so many good songs in order to keep my place in the queue. I didn't like the fact that I then had to dance with the guy even if I didn't like the music. I also didn't like the audience you end up getting when you get your dance. And I didn't enjoy the fact that I had lost all my vibes by the time I got my turn because of the forced rest time. So in the end I didn't enjoy the dance with the star at all when it came.

    The other side of the coin is that I've passed over the opportunity to get a dance with Eddie Torres, SuperMario, Jamie Jesus and Milton Cobo to name but a few, because I didn't want to queue for them. But I still think I got a better return from spending the time dancing with non-celeb dancers and getting my high.
  3. WessexSalsero

    WessexSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    You have to queue to dance with a Salsa Sleb?
    Is that like an orderly queue or how do you know when it's your turn?

    I am intrigued! lol
  4. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    Juan Calderon tells follows who ask that they are No. 2, 3, etc. Then he calls out the number at the next dance. I cannot confirm this but that is what a woman at the Chicago Salsa Congress told me and I did see him dancing virtually every song.

    I think other celebs/popular dancers don't have a system, therefore its on the rest of us to get our dance in, hence the opportunity cost.
  5. Does Eddie Torres dances socially??? That is news to me...
  6. WessexSalsero

    WessexSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    lol that's something to aim for! 'One day I will have my own queue!'
  7. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    Popularity on the dance floor is vastly overrated. In my local scene I (a leader) get asked to dance almost as much as I ask. This is one of my other "Return On Dance Investment" points:

    So I get asked to dance by a salsera as I was eyeing one of my favorite dance partners on the other side of the dance floor but wasn't quick enough to get there. So now I end up with a lesser dance and by the time I do get around to my favorite dance partner the song is crap or I am tired or she is tired or something else is not right.

    My strategy to minimize my "opportunity cost" of missed dances with favorite partners w/o ticking off all the others as being aloof, cliquish, socially inept:
    I check off the "social obligation dances" when uninspiring songs are played so I can say "no" and go for the best dance partners when the really good songs come on.

    P.S. thank you Wessex for providing the lead in.
  8. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    I save those dances for the merengue, I usually sit them out but make the "investment" with no risk as anyone who has 2 feet* can dance merengue.

    *The legend has it that merengue dancing was popularized by a Spanish viceroy in Santo Domingo who had a wooden leg and could drag it along to dance merengue. So strictly speaking one needs one foot and one wooden leg at a minimum.
  9. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    He was the star guest at the 2008 Japan Congress, and the organisers of this congress make it compulsory for paid guests to take part in social dancing (even the two guys from the Palladium Mambo Legend, with a combined age of 145, weren't excused), so Eddie duly appeared on the floor of the after party. A HUGE queue formed, naturally, and he kept going as long as his legs could stand. Yes it would have been a rare opportunity to dance with a legend and I was very tempted, but, in the end, not enough to join the 30 other girls in the line...
  10. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    The furthest I would go is to simply be close at the right time and make eye contact to create the opportunity in advance. If it happens then great but I would never queue!

    I'm not into trophy dances and salsa celeb or not I'd prefer the desire to dance together to be a mutual thing. I admit to a smile on my face after I've danced with one of the sought after but I've never hunted them down like I see some of the girls do and fairly sure I've never done the asking because I always feel a bit sorry for them not being free on the whole to choose their dances.
  11. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

    I used to think this was true... and for the most part it is. However, (forgive me if I've told this story in another thread) I once danced w/ a girl who gave me one of my worst merengue dances ever. It wasn't her ability to dance, it was her lack of willingness to follow. Homegirl was just in her own world, turning and spinning on her own and going everywhere she wanted to go w/ out me leading her to do so. After the first time that I had to physically stop her in her tracks, she kinda laughed, saying "I'm sorry... I guess I'm more of a leader than a follower." I smiled back and laughed a little myself, saying "yeah... I noticed that." After about the 3rd or 4th time of me having to literally STOP her and start over, she says to me "Lead me harder and I'll follow!" I politely as possible looked her in the eyes and said, "No, YOU have to LET me lead you."
  12. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Sounds like a case for the old school dance card.
  13. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

    Ok, replying to the original topic now :)

    The only time I wait in line for anyone, celeb or otherwise, is if I've pretty much already danced w/ everyone else I want to dance with and I've decided I can all but go home happy after I've danced w/ her. Otherwise, unless I'm the next person in line, I'm on to the next one. I don't claim to be the best salsero in the world, but I do believe I've grown in my dancing to the point where it doesn't make sense for me to waste dances waiting on any one person, regardless of their skill or status. I've realized that, even though many of the big names are definitely worth making the effort to go dance with, I have just as much of a chance getting a good dance w/ a random salsera.
  14. GForce85

    GForce85 Rhythm Deputy

    I try to do this too. Sometimes I kinda feel like I'd rather just not dance a really good song if I can't cut loose.

    On waiting in line: I haven't been in such a situation yet, but I can't imagine that I ever would do it. As others have said, there are generally plenty of other great dancers around to have fun with instead.
  15. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

    Dude, you said that about exactly the same way I would say it!
  16. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    She's now your wife?
  17. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

    No chance. Whatever wifey points she would have previously had went flying through a glass window w/ that dance lol. If I have to struggle that hard to lead her in a DANCE no less, I can't imagine what it'd be like in a relationship.
  18. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    I've noticed that with the female stars, guys don't queue. It's more of a 'who can get there first' contest. So I might try once or twice, give up for a while, then try again later when the competition is less aggressive. Or if I'm feeling sneaky, I'll ask someone else to dance, then try to get as close as possible to the 'target' :)twisted:) as the song nears its end.
  19. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    I've tried that too with only modest success as all the other guys dancing in the vicinity have the same thought but at least none of us are wasting time waiting.
  20. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    I think SnowDancer has almost got it figured out. There is also the element of "not dancing to every dance." Therefore, you also have to be first in line "when" the girl is "ready" to dance. (Unless your Disa who seems to never turn down a dance.)

    Added: bailar y tocar may also be on to something as well. If you are a good lead (ladies man, popular, attractive) and aren't looking like you are scouting dances, sometimes the follows will "hustle" them by positioning themselves near them and "looking" available. Even the celebs from what I have observed.
    Sounds like mating rituals. Nat. Geo. should do a show on it.

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