Strangest places to salsa:)

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by redsalsero, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. redsalsero

    redsalsero Sonero

    hello all
    so i was thinking this friday im going to a salsa party. what really is exciting its not just some salsa in a club. Even better salsa on a boat with a live band. really cant wait what its all about.
    my dream = I also wanna have some salsa on the beach sunset. dancing away in the sand hear the wind blowing in your hair.
    but that wont happen untill next year.

    so far for me its only dancing on concrete outdoors
    dancing on really dirty sand
    dancing in clubs with good wooden floor
    or sometimes sticky even dangerously smooth floors(hmm not the correct word but ok)

    so give me some idea where eles i can do salsa :D
  2. miércoles

    miércoles Nuevo Ritmo

    During our last trip to Tenerife, my wife and I treated local shoppers to a spontaneous couple of turns and steps down the aisle of a busy supermarket when "Abre Que Voy" came on the radio.

    There are no restrictions as to where you can't dance are there?

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    The gym!!!! on the Aerobics dance floor with half the people working out watching you because of the glass wall!!!! I had lots of fun!!!!
  4. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    We have a monthly event here in Tokyo at the Hilton Hotel. They put a dancefloor in a beautiful, raised lounge area next to the hotel reception on the ground floor, so you dance in full view of all the guests arriving at the hotel.
  5. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    I've danced on a sailboat...on the beach..on the roof of a manhattan building around 1 the gym plenty of a basketball court AND in a squash court (interesting feeling) the airport while waiting for a flight...once saw a couple practicing tango on the corner of a busy intersection in Boston, boombox included
    /edit: (totally forgot the couple of times I danced in some abandoned room at the Stanford University physics building - we had to move a bunch of lead plates out of the middle of the floor to make space)
  6. noobster

    noobster Pattern Police

    omg... my old practice partner and I used to dance in the aerobics studio of a NY Sports Club.

    There was a huge glass wall separating us from a mob of muscleheads lifting iron. We always felt like such lightweights twirling around in front of the mirrors. We actually got some compliments and expressions of interest from a few the muscleheads, though I always suspected the rest were secretly laughing at us.

    A few times when I was working late I noticed a janitor and lady friend who danced Argentine tango after hours. They'd just dump the mop in the corner, turn up the tunes, and glide. Amazing.
  7. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    motorway service stations (post pontins, practically a whole other festival happening whilst bemused motorists looked on)

    the beach on the sand (what a workout)

    the malecon, havana (both normally on friday nights with a trio and cuban friends, and with students accompanied by a bici-taxi with huge speakers for music)

    on a felucca boat floating down the nile

    in my office and the corridor when i used to be a middle-manager

    in lifts
  8. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    In a storefront in Havana Centro. It was after hours and the employees had closed the place down, put on music and were doing a lesson or practice. People kept knocking on the door wanting to buy stuff because they thought the store was still open.

    Under an outdoor pavillion with skateboarders all around doing their tricks off the steps and between the dancers. It was quite irritating but they felt we had invaded "their" space.

    In an auto dealership. The owners had moved the cars out of the showroom and converted it into a live concert space. There was even a very very clean hardwood floor where the most prestigious vehicles were usually placed.
  9. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    That sounds like a movie script, did you notice any camera crews ?
  10. Rumbanana

    Rumbanana Changui

    Pyramid, top of a butte, airport

    Some of the stranger places for us to dance have included.. the top of the Aztec Pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico (although our whole team got really sick after that. I think it was Montezuma's revenge.). If you care to see video:

    Then we danced on top of Smith Rock Butte... we were terrified since all around us was a thousand-foot-or-so drop. We've got video of that too...

    And we also danced at the ATL airport in between flights. This was at about 6 a.m. but we needed something to get the blood going after our 5 hour overnight flight. =)
  11. t0mt0m

    t0mt0m Sonero

    Going up the Thames, on a boat fancy dress party in a (English) sailor outfit :D Danced most of the night with a dancer/salsero I never did catch the name of. Did get some looks in the WalkAbout as I had to change in a loo cubicle before getting on the boat!
  12. opm1s6

    opm1s6 Sabor Ambassador

    ah the middle of the NYU quad, or Washington square park have both seen me salsa in public, but my favorite is:
  13. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    I'm a fanatic naturalist who has worked in wilderness areas for years, so it's ironic that I generally don't like the idea of dancing outdoors. However, I love the scene in the movie Salsa where the stars dance in front of a billboard at night.
  14. Parking structure. My girlfriend at the time and I put on some salsa music in the car, and started dancing. After a couple of songs, the parking enforcement lady came by and told us we have to stop, but she was smiling and obviously liked our dancing.
  15. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    By each of the old 7 wonders of the world
    On top of the rock
    In a church
  16. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    Like others, I've had a couple practice sessions in the aerobics room at the gym.
    Our annual Salsa en la Calle event is on a large outdoor concrete area partly under a freeway overpass. Last time I went it rained, so we were out there dancing while getting soaked. I decided that 'dancing in the rain' isn't quite as romantic a concept as I thought it would be.:)
  17. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    Just remembered: I once practiced some dance steps in an elevator. I was working alone on Saturday in a lab and was going down to the mouse room to administer some drugs. So I had drugs, syringes, and a 50mL of pure alcohol (to sterilize) with me. I did some moves and the elevator stopped midway between floors. So I spent the next 45 minutes with all the paraphernalia in an elevator waiting for the techs to free me. And I couldn't even dance because I was afraid it would do something to the elevator again :)

    And latest addition: on a wooden platform of an outside theater at a school playground, surrounded by very tall trees - one of the best non-traditional dance experiences ever!
  18. mangomotion

    mangomotion Tumbao

    On an empty street in Chinatown at 4am after a midnight meal
  19. malcolm

    malcolm Sonero

    Band rotundas (found one in the botanical gardens) :D
  20. Jolinia

    Jolinia Descarga

    I guess my most unusual salsa-experience was on a ski-slope wearing skiing boots. (Wasn't my most elegant dance either ;) )

    And then I have also danced in a gym (actually, the gym salsa party became one of the most popular parties in the area I used to live)

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