"Smoove Salsero" on MTV Tr3s' "Quiero Mi Boda"

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by RugKutta, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

    If anyone is at home on Monday night and has cable, be sure to check out MTV Tr3s' new show "Quiero Mi Boda", debuting at 10pm ET.

    The show focuses on interracial marriages and the complications that come along with them. No; I'm not the one getting married on the show, but I do have a very short cameo appearance during the premier episode. It features a Hatian-Mexican couple that resides here in Atlanta. The wife had been trying to get the husband to take salsa lessons for quite some time, so the producers decided to book an instructor for lessons and have it be part of the show. They were going to get some other instructor for the job at first. However, the husband had seen me out dancing before and was able to make a big push through a mutual friend of ours to get me for the job instead!

    I really didn't get to do much teaching; I found out once they got there that we only had 30 minutes as opposed to what I thought would have been an hour. They also had to keep re-filming things to make sure they had good footage for the show ("Ok, let's get them coming through the door again." "Ok, let's get more of them dancing together."). But of course, being on national TV for a few short minutes more than made up for it ;-)


  2. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    Congrats, I'm sure you did a great job and I plan to watch.
  3. PielCanela

    PielCanela Sabor Ambassador

    congratulations bro !!
  4. desconocida

    desconocida Descarga

    Pity I don't have this channel (or any other American channel, actually) sounds like a funny show to watch! Congrats, RugKutta!
    So did the couple agree on continuing dancing after all, or are you not allowed to talk about it until the airing? :rolleyes:
  5. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    Wish I could see it, but I only have basic cable. Is it on Hulu?
  6. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'El Diferente' Canales

    Great !

    Hope it will be available on internet soon. Do you plan to record it ? May be you can rip your portion of the video to youtube?
  7. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

  8. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    we demand video!
  9. smiling28

    smiling28 Moderator

    wow - so cool! Please tell me you taught using only your Gollum voice referring to Salsa as 'my precious.....'

  10. Flujo

    Flujo Sabor Ambassador

    Looks like the profiling in the Nuevotec interview paid off. What better advert for your classes than a slot on MTV, eh. Oh, and urm, HD please! Don't think you can fob us off with some standard def clip. :) Seriously though, great job getting the slot.
  11. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

    We actually taped this the month before the NY Congress, back in August. Funny (and almost tragic) thing was, I just had an accident the day before and had to get a ride to the studio the next day. I almost didn't make it! (Figuratively and literally).

    I saw it last night and got about 3 full seconds (maybe 5) of face time, and got in a full sentence ("The guy always leads, the lady always follows" :) ). I was a bit surprised at my voice. People always tell me I have a deep voice, but I had no idea until I heard it recorded and played back on HDTV! lol
  12. PielCanela

    PielCanela Sabor Ambassador

    any chance to see a clip ? somewhere ?
  13. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

    The website (mtvtr3s.com) says that the full episode as well as deleted scenes are available, but we get nothing of the sort when the link is clicked. This is the case even after I signed up for an account on the site. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next day or so. They'll probably have it up well before I'm able to get it off my cable box and onto YouTube :-/
  14. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

  15. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'El Diferente' Canales

  16. Flujo

    Flujo Sabor Ambassador

    The Salsa section is very short but was nice - "The guys always leads, the lady always follows". They looked really relaxed even when the guy said he didn't know what he was doing. :)
    The video overall was really enjoyable, especially the section with them and the pastor doing the pre-wedding vows. I thought that bit was really touching.
  17. kerry.alder

    kerry.alder Sonero

    That is really cool. Has anyone at salsa clubs ever noticed you and said "hey, weren't you the salsa instructor from television?"
  18. RugKutta

    RugKutta Tumbao

    Ha ha... hopefully it'll happen one of these days. We taped it back in August, but the episode itself is not even a week old yet. But hey, you never know...
  19. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    woop woop! go RK!
  20. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    Very nice, RugKutta! :applause:
    And more good publicity for salsa!

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