Sleazy Sexy moves which u like/hate-both for leaders and followers

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by sac, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. sac

    sac Tumbao

    Actually this is inspired from earlier thread by another poster;

    What about the move where they go behind you, grab you round the waist, force your head down and proceed to pretend to have their wicked way with you like something from National Geographic?

    List down all the moves which the leaders do and the followers hate/like and vice versa
    would be interesting:)
  2. Roo

    Roo Son Montuno

    One that I've gotten surprised by a couple times... spin so the follower ends up w/ back to lead. Close hold for a moment. Lead thrusts briefly against her backside to move her away & back around. If done playfully, w/ emphasis on brief, small movement, etc., it can be really fun/funny.

    Obviously I'd receive it really differently if it was someone I didn't have a great connection with.
  3. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    I don't especially like it when the leader has me wrapped in front of them and is very close up and stays there whilst I am trapped....
  4. Lola

    Lola Sonero

    I despise this one. Especially one guy who has done it to me twice now (Three times and he's blacklisted). And holds me there. I can feel his belt buckle among other things. Last time I actually inserted my elbow between us and got back into the basic.

    Along the same lines is the guy who during the bachata in closed position starts moving my hand in a circle and pressing so close I end up doing a handless backbend on the dance floor...and he holds it there.
  5. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    if the guy keeps you there and presses his crotch into your backside, i strongly recommend stepping straight forward to break his arm hold....

    ....and just keep going. walk straight off the dance floor and dont look back. :cool:

    i used to suffer this as a beginner/intermediate. guys would be grinding up on my a$$ and i'd be shuffling forwards, tilting my pelvis up, trying to make space between us.

    imho, most of us women are too polite in this situations. that behaviour is the body language equivalent of him saying "f*ck you" and me going "oops, sorry". if a guy sleazes on me in any way, i just walk away. no explanation needed or given - he knows what he's done. i've never had a guy follow me and ask why i left, but if one did, i'd call security and have them explain it to him. :mad:

    you know those guys (usually drunks) who want to dance too close in a closed-hold? i rest my hand on the ball of their shoulder, and rest my thumb just above their collarbone. if they start to close-in, i simply stiffen my thumb. then if they move forward it hurts them. if they stay at a polite distance, no pain... ;)

    imho, it's the guy's intention more than the actual move that's sleazy or not....but it's the follower's call 100% whether she feels comfortable or not. if you dont feel comfortable, i'd just walk away...
  6. Offbeat

    Offbeat ¡WEPA!

    There was a long thread on this some time back. Did you search for it ?
  7. vin

    vin Sonero

    There are a couple of ladies I have danced with who when put into a T-Stop will do moves that I consider . . . Let's say I feel like I have become a stripper pole on occasion.
    I am not going to walk away from a dance because of that. Are women actually taught these moves somewhere?
  8. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    Lol some guy who had obviously enjoyed what another woman had done in this stance attempted to instruct me to do it. Yeah right....
  9. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    It used to confuse me right back in a kind of, this really doesn't seem right but hey I'm a beginner what do I know :)

    Now I would make it quite clear I am not playing that game.
  10. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    are these women trying to be sexy in general, or are these sleazing on you, obviously against your will? i think women make the distinction between the two. if it's the latter, you'd be within your rights to walk off. however, i think it's a different dynamic. women dont rape men in back alley or after dates and are generally physically weaker. men dont have an actual physical threat, and all the emotional baggage that goes with generally being the 'victim' in this kind of scenario.

    most men would feel very differently about a woman they dont fancy rubbing herself on them, and the same actions carried out by a 6'4" 250-pound guy. i dont think it's a double-standard, i think men and women inhabit different worlds when it comes to sexual assault. which is not to demean the feelings of those rare men who have been sexually-assaulted by women.

    groan. yes, i remember being 'fresh meat' too. ;):eek: even harder, cuz i first saw/learnt salsa in cuba, where they do dance close. it was only when i looked around the rest of the london club, that i thought "wait a minute!" and noticed that the other guys didnt seem to be rubbing up on their dance partners... :idea::oops:
  11. AndrewS

    AndrewS Shine Officer

    Edie TSF teaches some "pole dancer" moves from a T
  12. Offbeat

    Offbeat ¡WEPA!

    One person's sexy can be another person's sleazy. Hard to draw the line and depends on the individual and relative acceptance in a particular environs and society. Sometimes it can be even generational:)

    Of course when you don't know or like a person the same sexiness could become sleaziness.
  13. noobster

    noobster Pattern Police

    A couple of months ago I had a dance with a guy who seemed normal at first but got progressively sleazier as the dance went on. The breaking point came when he started rubbing himself against a nearby column during a shine sequence. What??!!!! I climbed over the railing next to us into the safe zone. Later on another girl came over and congratulated me on my clever escape plan.
  14. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    ROTFLMAO! :cool:
  15. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    Lol. What you didn't stuff any notes down his pants? :)
  16. Offbeat

    Offbeat ¡WEPA!

    ROFL!! :D Sounds like a Kodak moment !! (Imagine a youtube video ending with the follower's Noobster's escape:D:D) Where was this? Easily the best salsa story I've heard.
  17. noobster

    noobster Pattern Police

    It was at Glas Kat. We were dancing in that little space between the column and the railing, right under the DJ booth.
  18. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    hmm. a friend had recently lost some weight, and with it a couple of bra-cup sizes. she was wearing a low-cut top and worried that her loose bra might gape, so she stuffed it with 'chicken fillets' (gel-filled 'bust enhancers', that look like a plastic chicken fillet).

    she was dancing with a cute guy, when - horror of horrors - she looked down to see that a 'fillet' had crept up and was poking out of her bra. she quickly stuffed it back in, and was relieved to find that nobody noticed. she came off the dancefloor in a hurry to get to the bathroom and adjust.

    a guy she'd been flirting with for a while met her at the edge of the floor, and she said "sorry, i have to just run to the bathroom before we can dance!". he replied, "yes, you should and take this with you" - brandishing his 'sweat rag'. so she was looking confused, wondering whether she was particularly sweaty, but not wanting to use his old towel in any case. at which point he peeled back a corner of the folded towel, like a silver-service waiter to reveal....

    ...the other 'chicken fillet'!!! :eek: which must somehow have jumped out during the dance and skated across the floor to land at his feet....!!! :eek:

  19. opm1s6

    opm1s6 Sabor Ambassador

    totally intentional ;) now THAT'S a sexy move :p

  20. smiling28

    smiling28 Moderator

    chicken fillets, great escapes...........................ummm, I have got nothing lol

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