SF Shines Compilation 4.0 - ideas and participants

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by SalsaGipsy, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    It seems that we are more than ready to start thinking of the next episode in the Shines Compilations saga ;) There are a few minor points we need to decide on before we start working - who's in and what are we doing? :rolleyes:

    Who's in?

    I have compiled a list of people who (knowingly or unknowingly ;)) have expressed interest in the past. Some have already checked in, hopefully the rest will follow. If I have forgotten anybody, please slap me and the mistake will be corrected. Anybody is welcome. If you are tempted, please, please, please, join us - it is great fun!

    The List: (edit: it is now the final list)
    antigone - either
    Big10 - EB
    Blair - EB
    Brownskin818 - EB
    CaribSalsera - RB
    chrisk - EB
    GuyDC - RB
    emarrific - EB
    lolita - EB
    MacMoto - either
    mangomotion - RB
    redsalsero - RB
    sweavo - either

    What are we going to do?

    Let's throw in some ideas, brainstorm a bit and see what happens. Here are a few possibilities that have been suggested in the past:

    ---> One song, everybody gets a part, records a contribution and everything gets spliced together - that was the format of the first two compilations

    ---> Adding a competitive element, two compilations with two groups of people - that's what we did last time with the Guys v Galls compilations. We can use any division we want - geographical, on1 v on2, whatever

    ---> Partner work - find a partner (from SF or not) and record your part of the song together - either as partner work or as shines (a few people did that on the second compilation). With the New Jersey Congress and MamboCity in London there will be more opportunities for people to meet and work together

    ---> Instead of salsa, we can do a chacha this time - chacha shines can be very cool as well and something we get to do much less often than salsa shines

    ---> The Craziest Location - we can record our contributions in a weird location and/or wearing something crazy :eek:

    Any other ideas?
  2. mangomotion

    mangomotion Tumbao

    i vote for cha-cha-cha!!!! <3
  3. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    I like this option too :D Let's see what everybody else thinks and if it proves popular we'll have to ok it with the song-picker (the lovely CaribSalsera)
  4. Lola

    Lola Sonero

    Erm...I'd rather not actually...
  5. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    What are your preferences, Lola? Anything else you want to add to the list of ideas?
  6. Jag75

    Jag75 Shine Officer

    I'd love to join in!

    I have to admit I do have a weakness for cha cha shines (as in I like them lol). I probably won't be able to meet many of you until I go to the NY Congress but I'll see what I can come up with from down under :)

    I've been learning on2 shines for quite a while now so would prob be more comfortable contributing those types of shines. Oh and maybe I'll throw in some pachanga shines for good measure - be warned I can look a bit retarted doing pachanga...
  7. Lola

    Lola Sonero

    I remember discussions or working with just one part of the body, or playing "telephone" with a shines sequence. We could try to incorporate as many different styles of one type of shine as possible. (i.e. I can think of 4 different ways to do a suzy q at least).

    Sorry, I'm just not a big fan of cha-cha shines. If that's what's called for though, then that is that.
  8. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    Fantastic, Jag75! :D We love retarded! ;) In fact if you can achieve the "under developed dinosaur dwarf flapping its arms" technique (here) you'll fit in nicely. :D
  9. CaribSalsera

    CaribSalsera Son Montuno

    I love cha cha so if that's what we decide, I don't mind at all.

    I'm going to head to the "Cha Cha" playlist on my iPod now and see what I've got.
  10. t0mt0m

    t0mt0m Sonero

    A track that you could fit in "under-developed dinosaur dwarf flapping its arms" quite nicely? (on the drum roll of) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_UCeQ1cIa4 La Cuna's Pastime Paradise (though the video is likely to have a remixed version?).

    I like the concept of telephone with shines. By all means this idea only sounds interesting in my head:
    Say a shine took a bar. Each group gets 2 bars.
    A does a shine, then a new shine (eg mambo then suzi q)
    B can then do their take of the 2nd move A did (a suzi q), then a new shine

    Say A group was on the left of a split screen, and B's on the right - A's could look to their left at the end of their two shines, B's could look their right, when they've done 2 shines.

    Kind of pass the moves back and forth. You could also do different parts of the body - so A's start with feet moves, B's reply with knees and hips, A's counter with chest isolations, B's come back with arms and shoulders, A's reply with head / full body moves, B's reply with full body moves.

    As an aside - it would be cool to see how people just stylise, individualise a few given moves - e.g. suzi q, what have you.

    Can anyone point me to how to understand, see what cha cha shines are about? :)
  11. Mambo T

    Mambo T Rhythm Deputy

    Carib, going to Stevens if you need extra songs
  12. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    It's not a big mystery - just shines to cha cha music. Here's a quick example:
    Enjoy! :D
  13. Flujo

    Flujo Sabor Ambassador

    Is it ready yet? <- just practicing. Oh this is going to be fun. :twisted:
  14. smiling28

    smiling28 Moderator

    I am so in this time :)
  15. chrisk

    chrisk Super Moderator Staff Member

    Aren't you in yet? <- Just trying to get your lazy a.. up. ;)

    Anyway, I'll side with Lola since I'm neither have a fan of cha-cha shines nor did I ever really learn some. But if everybody is settling for it, I'll have to figure something out.

    And tom, I think the two concepts of telephone shines was slightly different if I remember the last talk about it in one of the previous threads. A would start with one bar of music, then B will reproduce that shine and will add another bar. Then C will have reproduce the shines from A and B as well as adding his own. Or we'll a have person A come up with a shine sequence of several bars and then person B has to reproduce it, record it and send it on to person C, doing then the same. But in both cases, I think this will take a lot of time and a lot of coordination, so not sure if it's a good idea.

    Oh and reading Lola's posts I just got another idea: What about having everybody do a shine sequence where they have to include a certain number (ie. 3) of shines, that we defined here before, into his sequence?
  16. t0mt0m

    t0mt0m Sonero

    Cheers :)

    The related videos to the above video show chacha shines a little slower, to help train, which is useful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayPB8cRH_rA&feature=related

    As a general note, it really shows how black trousers oftentimes not show off well your great leg/footwork! Eddie just has this block of black, where his trousers should be hehe. You can't easily sometimes work out the relative position of both legs - which is not an issue with his female assistant.

    Antigone's black trousers in SF Shines I shows this a little, but she has a good contrasting background, and they are well fitting

    Really helps with working out what the position of the legs and hips are in 3d space. A bit of fading on jeans seems to work well.

    SalsaGipsy - what do you think? e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLaC5vgQhAw#t=2m12s

    Ideally, you could all be wearing tiger slippers too :D

    Sounds good chrisk
    One sounds a bit like a shines version of consequences, the other sounds a little like shine chinese whispers?

    Could be interesting to do another time even if it would take too much coordination/time to do this time round.

    I like the concept of getting every dance to do some shines that are the same anyhow - could then have lots of you on at once doing the same shines/shine sequence.

    I'm sure once the tune's chosen there will be more ideas!
  17. Flujo

    Flujo Sabor Ambassador

    A vote for this. One, it'll make the process more involved and two, it'll make for some interesting locations.

    Chris: :nope:
  18. Blair

    Blair Descarga

    For the partnerwork lets do a "who can burst out the craziest move" haha

    I'm stealing that ninja flip from Tropical
  19. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    What are you insinuating about my trousers?? :mad: They are not black, they are grey actually. :p

    Great idea! But we'd rather postpone it until you are ready to join. :p

    It's not possible to get everybody together geographically. We are currently 12 and more are probably joining. If you just make frames with each of us we'll be too small to see properly. Or did you mean something different?
  20. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    Let me get my popcorn before you start... :D

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