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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by MacMoto, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread where people can just muse about the salsa nights they went. A bit like the "buzzing" thread but you can post whatever regardless of how the night was :roll:

    To start:

    Last night was my first salsa outing since SOS as the Wednesday night social is now closed for summer holiday (imagine having a holiday *away* from salsa!? Unthinkable :mad:). Went to the local latin club (travelling was too awkward due to work and transport issues). Quieter than normal, and the regular DJ was away. Although the music mix was the usual latin club stuff (about 40-50% salsa), the stand-in DJ (who normally works behind the bar) was actually pretty good - he should do it more often :lol:
    Okay dancewise and had fun, but missed the two guys I really wanted to dance with - every time I stalked them so I could jump on them for the next song, the music switched to reggaeton/bachata/merengue. Grrr.

    I don't think I can go out tonight and there's nothing I know of on Sunday, so probably no salsa till next Friday :( I want to go back to London...
  2. sagitta

    sagitta Pattern Police

    Went to a dance that I knew would be like a Latin club, but actually was a little nicer than I though. I was able to dance quite a few away from the dance floor. I danced out on the tarmac, in front of the fan.... I go some dances with "Tara". I found out that she was leaving in a few days so I got quite a few dances with her. I like the fact that she really follows. I can see it and feel it.
  3. TwoLeftFeet

    TwoLeftFeet Shine Officer

    Went to a Colombian themed event thinking 'no-one' dances colombian really in leeds ...turned out all the cubans and colombians from all over the north turned up that night...only 10 or so cross body'ers i could find...forced to do my rudimentary cuban most of the night...bad times... thanks to all the girls of who tried to do crossbody salsa with me though!!
  4. tresto

    tresto Descarga

    Macmoto you should come to France on Aug 14th !
  5. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    This happens to me...ALL THE TIME!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! You see, when another girl is stalking and pounces, she gets a salsa. I always get the cha or the DJ's latest installment in his overdose of bachata, and have to wait it out and reconfigure the plan of attack.

    Salsa diary, um, put on Spanish Harlem Orchestra and spent yesterday afternoon shining around the living room. Cat was impressed.
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  6. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    The transport cost doesn't look too good, but I'm still thinking...

    Talking of SHO, it turned out that they were in Rotterdam last night. I didn't know that until redsalsero posted a photo of the concert on FB :( (it wasn't possible to go anyway since I was still working when I saw the photo, but still)
  7. olamalam

    olamalam El Sabroso de Conguero

    On friday, we were at mario's party but it was a small (boring) party that only class mates attending. I went out to take fresh air then saw a group of tourist with back packs coming towards. About 20 people. I thought they'll ask some address or stg. They asked me if the salsa party is here :S

    Then I learned that this group is coming from Bonn/Germany for salsa parties :) They made our night :tongue:

    I dont know guys but ladies were so friendly and hot. One of them invited me to Bonn :)
  8. SalsaVino

    SalsaVino Son

    Dancing @ the Palms Springs Mambo Festival was a blast! Compared to previous festivals I was better prepared with friends, food, and wine. When it comes to the workshops, I struggled a lot but the ladies' friendly and helpful attitude was very encouraging. I still can't believe that I survived the On2 classes taught by Luis and Anya. They are awesome dancers and instructors!

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    Went to dance to Secaucus, NJ.. wasnt expecting to be dancing so much. Had too much fun. The live salsa music was awesome.. just what I needed. The dancers were not so great, a lot of snobs!! (hahaha) but those who werent snobs, were street dancers. I had a great time!!! made a couple of new friends. Just what I needed my salsa fix!!!
  10. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Shine Officer

    I decided to go on a salsa diet. Step away and clear my head. When I do this and return to the scene I always have a wonderful time dancing. My goal is to take two weeks off, but I doubt I will be able to do so. Ten days is optimistic lol
  11. acpjr

    acpjr Tumbao

    This past weekend I went to an outdoor salsa festival that featured both the dance and the food. I didn't dance once, but I enjoyed the live music, the people watching, and the salsa tasting. The songs were way too long for my dancing sensibilities anyway. I suppose the dancers were as much a part of the entertainment for the rest of the festival as the bands were. Also, the open air seems to give the bands license to play regularly as if they were playing for a paying crowd, i.e. 15 - 20 min. songs.

    I saw some locals from my scene and also locals from the town where the festival was held. I witnessed some "what if" scenarios, i.e. what would a dance look like with person X from this scene and person Y from that scene.

    The fair food was below average. How do you mess up corn on the cob? Or churros?

    I heard "Vasos de Colores" played live for the first time. It was nice.
  12. olamalam

    olamalam El Sabroso de Conguero

    When I was in salsa central weekender 2 months ago, Mario asked me what he can do to break my Boston loyalty. I told him to invite Y.E. Mambo. (I'm in love with Yoana)

    And he did! Yesterday Y.E. Mambo was at his party.
    I first thought, ok lets attend class at Boston, then go to Mario's party.
    Then, lets watch the show at Boston then go to Mario's party.
    Then, lets do the birthday dance of the friend, eat the cake and then go to Mario's party.

    In the end, let miss Mario's party. I wonder what he's gonna say today :?

    Anyway, today Yoana will be at Mario's studio and we have 45 mins for practice. I'll be very selfish and do my best to dance with her as many as possible :)
  13. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    Since you obviously have no use for Enoch, can you send him my way while you have fun with Yoana please? :)
  14. olamalam

    olamalam El Sabroso de Conguero

    Yeah I have to find a way to separate them :tongue: Sending him to you is better than killing him.
  15. olamalam

    olamalam El Sabroso de Conguero

    Dear diary,

    Today after work I went to home directly to sleep for an hour.
    Then went to salsa4fun for classes. Unfortunately classes finished 15 mins late, so I had 30 mins for Yoana. I rejected a girl for the first time for her. I'm not proud of myself, I asked her later ob and asked for forgiveness.
    I danced with Yoana for 2 times. Thats what I call salsagasm :)
    I told Yoana how much I love to dance with her. She told me that she loves to dance with me too :banana:
    I didnt kill Enoch because I still need him. YE Mambo is invited to scala latina at the end of this month.
  16. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Dancing twice a week feels good. Also dancing barefoot feels good.
  17. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    Does the offer of a couch still stand?
  18. tresto

    tresto Descarga

    btw I'll be in London 7-10th
  19. Big10

    Big10 Shine Officer

    My personal term for those occasions is a "Justice League" matchup. :D For those of you not familiar with comic books, that was an all-star grouping of superheroes where you'd get to see Superman working side-by-side with Wonder Woman, Batman, etc.

    Jack-and-Jill contests are good opportunities for that type of thing to occur, although sometimes the dances are not as "natural" because the dancers are showing off for the crowd/judges. Obviously, dancers aren't really superheroes (except for maybe Magna ;) ), but even at the local level when the big name Salsa stars aren't involved, I agree with you that it's neat to have dancers from different studios/styles partnered up with each other, and then see what kind of dance comes out as a result.
  20. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Isn't that what social dancing is about! Who cares where you learnt. Sometimes when I read posts here, I get an impression that people seem to only dance with those they know or learn with. This definitely can't be true.

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