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  1. I have a very hard time coming up with a negative, certainly none to counter the many positives:

    1. More fun - it's the most fun thing I do, and I do a lot of fun things
    2. More energy, optimism, and joy.
    3. More friends, social interactions
    4. More learning, striving, achieving
    5. More connection with the music, the planet, first chakra
    6. More creativity, more growth as a person
    7. More self respect, more self-confidence, more self-knowledge
    8. More appreciation for women, their beauty, their subtleties, their fine qualities
    9. More funny moments, more unforgettable moments,
    10. More insight into myself and others
    11. More mysteries to ponder

    OK here is a negative:
    1. It negatively impacts my soccer playing - can't risk an injury that would keep me from dancing even
    for a week or two. At a certain point years ago I gave up jogging because each mile of jogging was one
    less mile chasing the soccer ball. Now every mile chasing the soccer ball could mean not dancing, so
    dancing means much more to me at this stage.
    Can't think of much more than that. Been dancing 5 years this spring.
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  2. elanimal

    elanimal Tumbao

    Getting good just takes such a huge commitment. That's the biggest negative to me.
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  3. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'El Diferente' Canales

    It it was easy, you perhaps would have given up salsa long back :D
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  4. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    This is my problem too. Of course, for some older guys, this is a plus, in that they like having access to much younger women.
  5. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'El Diferente' Canales

    Is your problem that there aren't enough non-young ladies to dance with ? :)

    I would rather dance with competent and good dancers irrespective of age. This is a very sensitive topic and words may come out wrong or get misinterpreted. Generally a lot more younger people (both men and women) tend to be regular and athletic type dancers than older folks. Speaking specifically about women followers, there are multiple dynamics at play. I can only speak from my experience as someone who leads. A lot of older women get far less dances than younger women in general it seems. But then there is a caveat - if the lady is regular at socials then irrespective of age, she will get asked to dance. The question who is older is also very subjective. Is someone being older depends on the age or how they look? At least when it comes to salsa dancing, I think that people tend to judge the age by looks. As we know looks can be very misleading. Instead of old or young, lets take an example of a lady who let's say 45 - an age range that qualifies neither as young nor as old. If the said lady has started dancing when she was 25 or 35, and is still dancing, it is mostly likely she will be a very competent and a sought after dancer. If another lady the same age has only been dancing for 2 or 3 years and is not at least at an average level in terms of her competency, she will get asked far less than a younger girl with same skill levels.

    I think given the same levels of skill sets if an older woman is really good, she will get asked just as much as a younger woman. But given the same level of skills sets that is less than "really good", a younger woman will get asked far more often relatively. For men it is less of a problem because as leader, men are free to ask for a dance. And most ladies would often not say no to dance when asked. It is very unlikely that a lady would say no to a man only because he is old. It is far easier for men to not ask a lady because of her. That's because it is easier to not do something, than to something (accepting and denying dance invitation).

    For those who start learning dancing late in life, I don't know if younger people (below 35/40) put more efforts to learn and get better at dancing than say older folks. This goes both for men and women irrespective of the gender, though followers would be in better position to comment on dancing with older men. I also think younger dancers tend to be more regular at going out for socials and dancing. I could be wrong, but that is my impression.
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  6. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    Nope. For dancing, I don't care about age, just skill, good attitude, and sexiness. And those have little to do with age, I've found. :)
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