Salsa for halloween?

Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by {WuMing}78, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. {WuMing}78

    {WuMing}78 Descarga

    I have a salsa party during Halloween, wondering if anybody has any suggestion of salsa songs for this occasion?

  2. chrisk

    chrisk Super Moderator Staff Member

    May I introduce you to our wonderful search function? It can point you to a thread Hallowe'en salsa music?, which might exactly be what you look for. ;)
  3. {WuMing}78

    {WuMing}78 Descarga

    My apology :p
  4. salsa4fun

    salsa4fun Sonero

    Another great hallowe'en-friendly piece not mentioned in the above thread -

    El Brujo y La Bruja by Fruko y Sus Tesos

    very energetic and even somewhat scaring!
  5. Abayarde

    Abayarde Capitán Del Estilo

    Don Goyo - El Gran Combo
    Panteón De Amor - Orquesta Zodiac
    La Muerte - El Gran Combo
    Brujería - Bobby Valentín
    Toma Mis Manos - Willie Colón
    Evelio y la Rumba - Tommy Olivencia
    Evelio Part II (El Muerto Se Fue De Rumba) - Tommy Olivencia
    La Rumba Sin Evelio - Tommy Olivencia
    Brujería - El Gran Combo
    Sobre Una Tumba, Una Rumba - Paquito Guzmán
    Siete Pies Bajo la Tierra - Ismael Rivera con Kako
    Brujería - Markolino Dimond con Ángel Canales
    Los Fantasmas - Orquesta Aragón

  6. El Conguero

    El Conguero Tumbao

    wow, I didn't know there were "any" salsa songs for Halloween! That's pretty cool :)
  7. Chris F

    Chris F Tumbao

    Hah I was doing the same thing today as I have a gig on Saturday. Alas my Spanish is poor so I have a bit of trouble picking out suitable Halloween lyrics but I came up with a few additional ones:

    Roberto Anglero y su Congregacion - El Lobo
    Marvin Santiago - Soy Capitan

    Thanks for the extra ideas. :)

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    Nice selection...very nice playlist for halloween, this is exactly what the radio station in PR play: La Z 93
    Que viva la sala

    My favorite and the #1: Panteon de Amor!!!!!!
    "Quien te dio vela en este entierro??--Ahhh???"

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    just wanted to see if any of you SFers have a playlist for Halloween already set.
    I do!!!

    I have included in my list: La Caldera del Diablo from Orquesta Zodiac
    Lobo Domesticado is also a good one
    Anyone have more suggestions. This is last year's thread- BUT a nice update wouldn't hurt. (pretty please)
  10. sagitta

    sagitta Pattern Police

    We have been talking about salsa, but usually when one djs at a Latin night one throws in a some bachatas, merengues and cha cha chas. Note Latin, and not a Salsa night. Any ideas?

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    Good Point Sagitta, havent thought about that.
  12. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    I'm booked for a Day Of The Dead/Halloween party so thanks for those lists.

    Also if anybody knows of suitable bachata, merengue, cumbia and/or Mexican music, please share.
  13. sagitta

    sagitta Pattern Police

    It isn't easy. For my criteria I use not only the lyrics but the way the song sounds. Of all the salsa that I've listened to for this purpose "la caldera del diablo" by orquesta zodiac was the only one that came close.

    I would anticipate the same issue for merengue, bachata, or cumbia. But the "Halloweeh Tropical Mix Party" album may work for you if you aren't as critiical as me DJ Yuca. You can find this album on both amazon, and itunes.
  14. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    I'm not as critical as you in this instance, as I'm playing for a Latin American society party rather than a salsa night. Even so, that may be going a little too far!

    Thanks though, perhaps I can find one track from it I can use.
  15. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    just get a halloween sample CD and throw in the occasional howl :)
  16. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    I'll just bring a mic and do it live. (In between playing crossed clave and out of time campana.)

    Seriously though, I am actually tempted to follow your advice.
  17. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    I've liked this tune for a while, but my Spanish is pathetic; please can someone summarise the lyrical content (and if it's not obvious, how it relates to Halloween).

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    These are part of the lyrics.... couldnt understand some words
    I believe it has to do with death. That's why its related to Halloween.
    However, Evelio Part 2 is the one close related to Halloween theme.
    According to the lyrics & how I remember the allegory (or other correct literature term) is that Evelio got to the Rumba late as always, after everyone left.
  19. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    Thanks Enid, looks like it's pt 2 that will be more relevant. Then again a good tune is always relevant to the subject of DJing.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    You can add
    Camaron by Luis Perico Ortiz,
    because of the funny voices during the song.
    its not scary, but it might work for halloween.

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