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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by IsaacAltman, May 4, 2010.

  1. IsaacAltman

    IsaacAltman Son Montuno

    Do you think the mini skirt will make a comeback with Salsa?
  2. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    At the very first Salsa performance I ever attended there was a beautiful Chicana wearing a mini-skirt. I thought she looked very nice - more "Salsaish" than anyone else.

    I don't recall seeing another salsera in a mini-skirt since - or at least I haven't noticed.
  3. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    I didn't know it was out in the first place...
  4. kerry.alder

    kerry.alder Sonero

    Well Isaac, MacMoto, my job involves a lot of international travel so I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to enjoy the salsa scene in Europe, North America as well as east Asia. I have to say that in certain places, tight dresses and mini skirts are the norm while in other places, a casual shirt and jeans are the norm.

    I am wondering if the difference in what you two observe could be due to different cities/countries/settings/clubs?
  5. Soplo

    Soplo Banned

    I'd like to know more about this. Where exactly? :D :raisebrow:
  6. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    yeah - The Public Has A Right To Know...
  7. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    I found the post a little puzzling too as I see short skirts and dresses all the time. Shorts with tights and boots are also very popular.
  8. Andree

    Andree Son

    I think it depents on the party.
    If it is a weekly party peaple wheres everything thats fit and it is not to warm...
    At a Salsa Congress people are more updressed :)
  9. kerry.alder

    kerry.alder Sonero

    First off, I have to say to the guys, especially Isaac, Soplo, Sweavo, Andre that this does prove it. It is worth it when girls like myself, most likely CrazyGirl, MacMoto or others spend time on our hair, makeup and choosing a good outfit for salsa. Guys actually DO notice and appreciate it :)

    Cities where people ladies tend to dress up:
    Milan, Moscow, Shanghai, Paris, Montreal

    In certain cities though, I have seen girls make an effort to look nice by wearing a tight top, mini skirt, tights, high heeled boots but the guy they are dancing with is just really dressed down in something like a loose fitting sports jersey, jeans that are 5 sizes too big, no socks and worn down sneakers. Do others notice this trend as well? Girls tend to get dressed up a lot more then guys?
  10. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    In Moscow the girls are overdressed morning, noon and night. Similar to Tokyo, in that women will have a ton of make up on regardless of the time of day or where they are going... And, the girls just don't wear -ordinary- jeans in the clubs and bars. A few people have also told me that in the big cities in China the girls are well dressed.

    I think the mini is still alive in Moscow. Maybe Mr Altman should head there..... Just don't get lost on the subway (the signs are all in Cyrillic).....
  11. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    I keep trying to convince people to dress up more in the DC salsa scene...but they seem to be attached to their jeans and T-shirts. On the upside, really short jean shorts seem to be popular with the girls here, most of which are shorter than my mini.
  12. I think it looks good. Or a short dress.

    Being a guy, it would never ever bother me if I was being flashed by a salsera in short skirt/dress. But if the salsera isn't comfortable with that, I've seen some wear bicycle shorts type things underneath. Not that I'm encouraging that behavior, I mean why bother spending money on nice panties if they remain hidden. Did I mention being flashed would not bother me at all? I just want to make that clear.

    When I was in Taiwan, I saw booty shorts too. Usually jeans booty shorts. Not bad for the ladies that have enough booty to pull it off.

    But around so-cal I see mostly jeans. Also looks nice too, if well matched with everything else, and have enough booty to pull it off.
  13. jaytea

    jaytea Changui

    I don't know how some ladies dance in jeans...I can't stand it. It just gets too hot. I love my miniskirts paired with tights or leggings. Much more comfortable. And no flashing of underwear!
  14. kerry.alder

    kerry.alder Sonero

    SunSoul, I totally agree with you about Tokyo. People there look really good in and out of salsa clubs. I forgot to place it on the list of known cities where people dress up as I had a rather unique experience when I went to a salsa club there. I do not speak Japanese. He did not speak German. We were not really able to hold much of a conversation but we was an absolutely AMAZING lead. Over several evenings, he and I ended up doing salsa, rumba, meringue, cha cha, tango and bachata at the very least. I was so swept up by his dancing, plus the fact that club was really dark that I barely noticed what other people were wearing in the club even though I love fashion and usually take notice of anything related to clothes hahaha

    Cities where people ladies tend to dress up:
    Milan, Moscow, Montreal, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo
  15. miranda

    miranda Son Montuno

    On the topic of jeans, I find that the tight ones are too restricting and my dance moves do not seem as fluid with them on. If I wear baggy jeans, my legs are able to move around freely but no one will be able to see my beautiful dance moves because my jeans are covering everything up. Because of that, personally, I prefer to dance with a skirt. Some of my skirts are long because they look really really nice when I spin and some of my skirts are short, to show off my dance moves. To avoid flashing of underwear, I always wear thick opaque pantyhose, either black or skin tone. I take it that those are the colors you wear as well?

    I am a part time tango instructor and my good friend who teaches at the same studio is a salsa instructor. We often see students dance in tight jeans and they are very flexible even with the jeans on. Perhaps there is a kind of stretchy jeans I do not yet know about?
  16. biggah

    biggah Son

    are we talking a tight fitting mini or loose? ive seen the color of girl's undies with those loose ones....: )
  17. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    Many girls here dance in mini skirts and dresses. I feel seriously underdressed wearing trousers (though to me it is the most convenient option that still looks ok). I cannot dance in jeans - too rigid and too hot. Dresses and skirts make me think too much about my movements - how high I can kick, what dips I can do and so on. But for many girls here it is more important to look your best than to be comfotabe. Many of them have to keep pulling their minis down when dancing. Yes, they are probably asked to dance more often :p but I'd rather dance with people more interested in the dancing itself than in the amount of flesh on show ;)

    Anyway, to answer the OP: I don't think the mini has gone out of fashion here at all.
  18. ajohnson4

    ajohnson4 Son

    I have been to places where everyone would stare at me if I did not go in a pair of old beat up jeans as the culture is that salsa originated from the working class of people who dressed casually to dance. It did not originate from the rich upper class with their diamond tiaras and Vera Wang gowns.

    I too prefer the triangle skirt for dancing as I believe it looks nicer and my legs feel less restricted. I also believe that all girls who wear skirts already know that as long as they wear a pair of short shorts, opaque tights or double layer of sheer tights/pantyhose, they can do all the dance moves they want without a second thought as the guys won't be able to see anything regardless of what position your skirt is in.

    Another reason why girls wear tights is because not everyone has perfect legs. Tights can add a nice gloss or tan to one's legs not to mention the fact they go very well with mini skirts, are classy and they prevent chafing when one dances in high heeled boots all evening long.
  19. jaytea

    jaytea Changui

    I have opaque stirrup-style tights (not as dorky as they sound, I promise) and they help with the chafing *and* keep my feet from sliding around.
  20. Brutha

    Brutha Changui

    Even when we don't notice the details we do notice how everything fits together.
    We guys might not be exactly know that you look beautiful because you put time into your hair but we still appreciate your beauty.

    In a case of a miniskirt it's fairly straightforward to identify why we prefer looking at one girl instead of another. If it's however about complicated makeup we don't notice the details but still appreciate the whole.

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