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  1. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Sad to see them go. It's so hard to find hard copy of Cuban CDs these days. Even Descarga had very few of the new releases in recent years. A salute to them for holding out as long as they did.
  2. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    They had a lot of interviews up that I hope get preserved somewhere.
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  3. jucasa

    jucasa Changui

    What a sad news. They had great articles, interviews and discs.
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  4. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    oh im really sad to see this, didnt expect at all. :eek:
    I have bought a lot of DVDs and CDs from them over the years.
  5. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Yeah. Bruce posted that they have really struggled to stay alive but the last 3 years were on emergency life support. Very sad for those of us who prefer hard copy. It's getting so hard to find anymore.
    yaeh I should ask him about those.
  6. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    True, a lot of releases just aren't coming out on CD nowadays. Vinyl is hip and downloads are the norm, but CDs are just passé. Even cassettes have more kudos. However as someone who has devoted literally the majority of my life to vinyl, I can say that CDs are superior in many respects.

    Descarga's prices were a bit ahem 'ambitious' though, so I can see why it didn't work out for them.
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  7. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    yeah they weren't cheap but at least for a number of years they were the very best source. But fewer of the new releases were coming there on CD maybe because the companies mainly sold via digital download.
  8. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Thank you Bruce and

    Sorry to hear this news.
  9. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Postage to Europe became prohibitive, often costing as much or more, than the CD... Guess I need to use my Italian source .
    I wonder if they are going to have a sale on left stock .
  10. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    I doubt it unless it's via some private outlet. They only have a goodbye message when you go to their site now.
  11. Abayarde

    Abayarde Capitán Del Estilo

    sad news. I guess some big company is gonna buy what is left and sell them at prohibitive prices or like pancakes. yes, the impression is that CD's are passé; I've been buying a lot of them recently for a fraction of their original prices. most big sellers just want to get rid of them.

    the same happened with LP's in the late 80's and early 90's; nobody wanted them and everybody were selling them at very low prices.

    I predict CD's will have a retro comeback in the next 10 or 20 years for the same reasons of the LP's with the actual vinyl fever.
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  12. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer

    All the interviews are in fact preserved with their original authors. (John Child, Abel Delgado, David Carp).The musician profiles that John wrote can be found published in his Penguin Encyclopedia Book on Musicians. All of David Carp's work that was published and not published on is sitting in the archive of the Bronx Historical Society. Some really great stuff there. You can always reach out to Abel Delgado who is online on social media and negotiate with him about reading his articles, if he's willing to. The record reviews by Bruce and all the other contributing writers I'm assuming Bruce has it all. It's over two decades worth of material.

    The way the retail industry went I'm surprised it lasted this long. Their just wasn't enough of a return in selling product and being able to maintain a website with such large bandwidth. All the reviews, catalog list, search engine, Descarga Journal archives, etc. would have had to have been 86'd to reduce cost. It's really not worth it.

    If I were Bruce, I would have turned Descarga into a PPV subscription site for people to access the site to read or research purposes. Maybe add new content like a videoblog with artists, live performances, etc. Problem is everyone has a cell phone camera nowadays, you're in competition with VINE, Facebook "Live," Instagram, etc. Also he would have had to have paid John Child, Abel Delgado, etc. for the content.

    I think CDs are done. Especially in the 21st century. People have been exposed to so much advanced technology over the last 10 years that it would take a bit more than just music by itself to get someone to pay for it.There's still demand here or there but not enough to call it a thriving industry.
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  13. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    I still prefer CDs because as f yet they haven't stated putting all the info the digital files. I want the complete credits and you just don't get them with the digital packages yet. It's also kind of interesting the retro thing with vinyl these days. Although I don't expect that to become YUGE
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  14. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer

    I think Vinyl has a little more of a connection with the DJ culture and has more "authenticity" attached to it than a CD. Vinyl has what's called "turntablism" ideology. It's the "lightsaber" to an aspiring "Jedi Knight" whose desire is to learn to wield it. A CD is a "blaster" [gun]. The "force" doesn't apply. It's like a religion almost. Vinyl also has that added allure to the collector that the CD does not. Because of what the Vinyl brings to the table. A lot of CD's lack many of the detail info on them in comparison, less art work, photography in comparison, the rarity element of certain bootlegs that a CD doesn't have [rarity] because of the technology, and the most important element [for me], the overall sound quality that Vinyl produces in comparison to both a CD and an MP3.

    As a result of all of that I don't see the CD attaining a retro renaissance the way Vinyl has. But only time will tell.
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  15. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Interesting. What format is the material in a BHS and is it readily accessible? I may want to pay a visit one of these days.
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  16. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    I am one of the dinosaurs still buying physical CD's and an occasional LP. In the past month I purchased three CD's and one LP. Of course, I digitize so I can listen on the go with my new-fangled technology ( iPod, iPhone ) but like Timbera, I like to have the full credits, liner notes, etc.
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  17. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    I've heard that there has been talk about including all the credits in the digital tags per song, but obviously this hasn't happened yet.
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  18. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer

    Hi Chris!

    Its all in a Box in folders with the details written so you can identify what the folder contains. I'm not entirely sure, but they may also have the audio of the interviews as well. If so, you may be able to listen to them, as you read the transcript.

    It is accessible to everyone. As long as you make an appointment first.

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  19. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer

    That would be hip...
  20. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Wow thanks Richie. I'm in the area a few times a month ( my son lives nearby ) so I may make an appointment one day and stop in.
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