Question About Taping Social Dancers

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by AguaDulce, Nov 12, 2008.

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    Is it legal and/or ethical to take unsolicited photographs/video of
    people dancing and then use them pubilically without express consent
    of the individual featured in the photo/video? Not to mention, you
    begin to feel like an exotic zoo animal with someone hanging out with
    a camera staring you down when you're just trying to dance and have
    fun; not all dancers are exhibitionists. I know I do NOT want my
    image to be posted/printed publically (yet it has been, many, many
    times, in both cyber and print formats) and from what I understand,
    images or likeness of people should not be used for
    promotional/commercial purposes without obtaining express consent of
    the person featured therein.
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    can we please do a better job about naming threads...

    I don't know the legal basis for stopping someone using your face or video taping you in public, but I'd imagine if you asked someone nicely they'd be kind enough to stop filming. I'm shocked more people don't ask before or after taping, whether they're tape can go on youtube, or some other site. I'd imagine that to enter contests or to do a performance at a congress, you'd have allow filming.
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    Done, just for you.
  4. PielCanela

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    I think ethical and legal belong to two different discussions. Since in this case one could be true while the other one not.

    Ethically I would think that asking before doing anything that involves a third party is the right thing. (unless you are saving a life, or are in the middle of an emergency).So my answer to taping, yes you should ask.

    Legally, I really don’t know what the law says about this, as far as I know someone can take a picture or a video in a public place. Hopefully someone can quote some law. I searched the internet but I couldn’t find something that will straight out spell when and how is ok.

    Some of us like when we get tapped while dancing and I wouldn’t want the camera person to interrupt me in middle of the dance to ask me. I think if you are in a social and there is a camera man running around with lights on then you have to assume that being tapped is part of what you are getting into it when you patronize such a event. In that case, if someone does not want to be tapped, then they can say so to the camera person, who I am sure, will be more than happy to oblige. Or find some other type of venue.
  5. jlon2

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    It is perfectly legal to videotape or take pictures of someone in a public place without their consent. You must have their consent to "share" that video / pic.

    The guys at go one step beyond. They ask if they can record you and then ask if they can post it. At least that's what they did to me.
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    Please post video link

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