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Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by Caligari, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Caligari

    Caligari Changui

    I have quite recently fallen passionately in love with Tito Puente - Puente in Percussion, and as a very recent newcomer to the salsa scene, would love to discover more music like this: this sort of powerful, rhythmically-intricate music where percussion alone takes the spotlight. Is there any to find, or was Puente in Percussion a one-time event?
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  2. Nuyorican

    Nuyorican Son Montuno

    Here’s a few albums that I have excluding the above…

    Tito Puente –
    Dance Mania (Legacy Edition has 44 songs) Mambo Gozon, Hong Kong Mambo and Cuando Te Vea are some of my favorites.
    Exitos Externos (Ran Kan Kan)

    La Maxima 79 -
    Regresando al Guaguanco (Singapore Vibes and The Chicken are rockin tracks)

    Eddie Palmieri –
    Mozambique (Ajiaco Caliente - Some singing in the beginning but one of my favorite Conga Tumbaos)
    More Than Mambo (Picadillo)
    Ritmo Caliente (Leapfrog To Harlem)
  3. jucasa

    jucasa Changui

    Manteca - 1978 - Ritmo Y Sabor this one is amazing man, hot stuff. Also you can check out Patato Valdez.
  4. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    I am not sure what "Percussion alone takes the spotlight means, but those songs do have 'Descrga' sections, where the percussionist "go mad".

    -Also, if you don't mind Timba - Giraldo Piloto y Klimax's drummer (Giraldo Piloto) is something else...

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  5. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    This is the one:

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  6. Marcos

    Marcos Son Montuno

    Percussion takes the spotlight in the Pedrito Martinez Group, which has only 4 musicians. His Havana Dreams album is awesome, with two collaborations with Ruben Blades and one with Isaac Delgado, and he got Ned Sublette to write the liner notes. It is influenced by Timba in some tracks and has the distinct honor of having parts recorded in both New York and Havana in 2016.

    You might also consider listening to some Rumba albums. I like Tata Guines's Aniversario, it's different from others in its addition of Bass and Tres to the Rumba percussion, but believe me that there's plenty of percussive greatness.
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