Passion Vs. Pleasure (Enjoyment)

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by bolivicano, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. bolivicano

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    There are several definitions for the word passion. The definition that I found to be interesting was the one that said "something that is desired intensely, a strong feeling or emotion".

    Does anybody here in SF see Salsa as a Passion, or simply as something that is a Pleasure or an Enjoyment?


  2. lolita

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    I believe we've discussed this before...But anyway here are my 7 cents.

    Enjoyment is the outcome of passion. Passion is wanting and needing. Why? because to you its pleasurable, it makes you happy, it feeds a certain feeling in you and fills it with satisfaction.

    Passion and enjoyment are inseprable. If combined in the right reach your extacy, your passion grows and accordingl your pleasure.
    If treated as two indvidual purposes or feelings, Then you are missing on alot.
  3. chrisk

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    As Lolita already mentioned in her post, we had a rather long discussion in the past about Passion in your dance, where we talked about passion and salsa. So you might find some wonderful posts and answers to your question already in that thread.
  4. Melvin

    Melvin Tumbao

    Interesting question, although I can't see a strong connection between Passion and Pleasure.

    Passion isn't necessarily positive, you can hate with passion as well can't you?

    Passion can make you kill and hurt people, I'm sure any terrorist is very passionate. And we have this christian connection to suffering "The Passion of The Christ" and all, which I don't really understand.

    Passion = a very strong emotion, so strong it absolutely positively has to lead to an action, and actions is what gives results.

    We might not always like actions, but results are often new and exciting or at least interesting. They tend to get our attention and therefore we value passion highly. It's a prime motivator.

    So, passion is usually a good thing, but I don't think using passion as your only motivator is enough for any long term project. I don't think it's possible to keep anything as vague and fluent as a raw emotion strong enough by itself to cause continous decisive goal oriented action over many years.

    Right now I'm passionate about salsa, but probably in a few years I'll have other passions, or not.

    Therefore, I use the opportunity and choose to go with it. I try to learn as much and spend as much time with salsa as I can during the passionate time when there is no pain or sense of effort, not much need for self discipline.

    But to get really good you probably need to have actual rational thoughts and ideas as well. Something dependable to keep you going if and when the "passion" fades or changes.

    You can get by and achieve amazing results totally without passion. But you won't have as much fun on your way forward I guess.
  5. Flujo

    Flujo Sabor Ambassador

    Maybe this thread is a little different to the other one? The other thread was more focused on the details.

    I'd say that Salsa is a passion for me. Less so at the moment but it's still a passion. Sometimes I don't care about the details and just want to dance (without injury of course :)). I see people that take themselves so seriously that you wonder if they even like the music. :confused:

    At the end of the night when you are tired, hungry and dehydrated; sometimes all your brain can do is come up with silly dances and over the top madness that would compete with the best drunk dancers efforts. I'd imagine that people that take the dance very seriously hate to see that sort of thing, but if two people are enjoying themselves without disrupting other peoples enjoyment (straight faced or not) then that's what matters.

    So, when I have the energy, am not dehydrated and it's early I'll do my best to focus on technique, musicality, feeling the music and expressing those same feelings. The passion you are talking about is the sort that compels you to dance right? Like lolita said, the wanting and needing. In the absence of that 'feeling' you experience a different sort of pleasure, but it's still fun. Pleasurable passion vs fun playtime.
  6. Offbeat

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    I did follow that thread briefly and zoned out quickly :) Hence I think OP's question is appropriate and perhaps not answered by the overflowing passion in the other thread :D

    Salsa is not a passion for me. It is a pleasure, something I enjoy as a hobby, may be at times a slight addiction. No more.
  7. crazygirl

    crazygirl Rhythm Deputy

    I'm passionate about salsa simply because of the pleasure it adds to my life.

    We're all addicted to a degree or we wouldn't be on this forum :D

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