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    Marcos Changui

    I listen to other the latin club music styles; Merengue, Bachata, reggaeton. I also listen to a good amount of Brazilian (Ceu, Bebel Gilberto, Da Lata,etc), Reggae (Los Pericos, Cultura Profetica, anyone with the last name Marley), and West African music, particularly Senegalese (Orchestra Baobab, Cheikh Lo) and Malian (Habib Koite).

    I went to Europe in 2004, and that's when I had a musical epiphany as I walked the streets of Rome and they played salsa, Aventura was #1 as a Top 40 hit rather than just within the Latin genre, and was able to tune to more salsa in the radio in Greece. For whatever reasons quality latin music just doesn't get the attention in mainstream US culture where so many Latinos live, and as Adalverto Alvarez says, "Yo voy a pedir pa' ti lo mismo que tu pa mi" so I stopped listening to almost everything US not Latin.

    The other thing was that a lot of salseros would always talk about the African roots of salsa. Then I started listening to African music, and apparently the joke was on me because I became not only the only blonde guy in the salsa scene, but also the only one actually listening to African music.
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    Buea Fe released a new CD this March 3rd "Sobraviviente". Available at the usual digital retailers and on-line streamers and coming at the end of March on hardcopy at Amazon and get this - Target. Pop/rock/nueva trova

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