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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Salsero1983, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Salsero1983

    Salsero1983 Changui

    Hi all,

    I was wondering - is there any sort of destination vacation that is a good place to learn On2-style salsa? I see a lot of people posting about learning salsa in places like Colombia and Cuba for a few weeks either on vacation or when they have some time off, but I know those places don’t tend to dance much ON2.
    Based on what I’ve seen about Colombia and Cuba, it’s possible to get private lessons for less than $10 an hour or less if you get a package of lessons. If there was a place where you could get a bunch of hours of privates a week for even twice that (say, $20) I would happily fly there and spend some time there. But I am not sure that exists.

    Alternatively, I’d settle for a place where there are teachers who are so good that they can easily dance some ON2 with me (so I don’t totally forget it), so I can mostly learn whatever their main style is from them, but also maintain ON2.

    Is this at all possible? Or is ON2 only danced in rich, expensive places?

    Best wishes,

  2. lidiap

    lidiap Descarga

    This is a nice plan you're having!

    Two places popped into my mind, Mexico and Costa Rica, only because I have personal knowledge about them, but I'm sure there are others. On2 is popular in Mexico, in various cities, and all their big name pros are on2. I'm guessing these pros might charge more than what you indicated, but I believe there are other less known teachers who might charge less. I don't know how big the on2 scene is in Costa Rica, but I know there are people who teach (and perform) on2, in San Jose. Costa Rica would be a vacation paradise. If you're considering it I can put you in touch with someone there.
    Both these two countries are not quite as cheap as Colombia or Cuba, but still pretty cheap. On2 is also big in Korea/Seoul, but I don't know if that would be your idea of a "vacation" place. As on2 is becoming popular everywhere, there are probably other options to explore. Good luck!
  3. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    I have been to Costa Rica a couple times, albeit years ago. I did not find much of a salsa scene in the touristy areas along the coasts. San Jose is an ugly, boring city which is not worth spending time in. Cuba has virtually zero salsa, it is a mostly reggaeton oriented scene. I spent an entire month in Colombia, visiting most of the cities and going out every night. I can count on one hand the number of times I danced Cuban/On1/On2. I have heard good things about Ecuador but I have not been. Peru also has a decent amount of dancing. Honestly, the best places to dance are westernized countries; where scenes are open to tourists, there are a variety of parties catering to all styles, etc.
  4. Salsero1983

    Salsero1983 Changui

    This is very helpful, thank you! If you have contacts for San Jose that would be great! Do you know which cities in Mexico On2 is most popular in?

    Also, FYI, I speak Spanish, not quite fluently, but quite proficiently, and can communicate about complex things without much trouble (my native language is French and they are fairly related).
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  5. Salsero1983

    Salsero1983 Changui

    Thanks for your perspective. I understand that for social dancing Latin America may not be as open to tourists, but it's definitely possible to do lots of lessons with good teachers for a reasonable price in some places. Here are two examples of the kind of thing I am talking about (it is not letting me post links, so instead go to "fluentin3months dot com slash salsa" (type that out) and look at the Salsabor_a_Cuba_Day_Classes- in Havana link on trip advisor (see Kristian, who says she got 100 hours of lessons in). This is the kind of thing I am talking about. If I want to get 100 hours of lessons in, that's going to be very expensive at rates that are prevalent in "westernized countries", but if there's a way to do it for cheaper and combine it with a vacation, that would be awesome. In short, I know this definitely exists and people have had a great experience with it, I just wonder if it exists for ON2.

    Also, FYI, I speak Spanish, not quite fluently, but quite proficiently, and can communicate about complex things without much trouble (my native language is French and they are fairly related).
  6. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    Then your best bet is a eastern european country such as Ukraine/Bulgaria. Prices are eqyivalent to South America but the dance scenes are more suitable for dance tourists.
  7. Salsero1983

    Salsero1983 Changui

    Very interesting. Do you have information on private teachers as well as the social scene in Bulgaria or other countries like that?
  8. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    In Kiev you can talk to Mark Anthony, he is a world-famous dancer from Canada who has a salsa school there. Pambos has a salsa school in Sofia, he is not as well known. In Moscow you can go to Anton Sherbak, but it is probably more expensive. For Bachata you can go to Lukasz Raz in Warsaw.
  9. lidiap

    lidiap Descarga

    Sorry for the delay in responding, @Salsero1983. In Mexico, cities that I know of where on2 is more popular are Mexico City, Puebla (not super far from Mexico City), Oaxaca, and maybe Monterrey. I'm sure there others. I'll send you a private message for the Costa Rica contact and some names in Mexico.
  10. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    I was thinking the same while reading the thread that eastern Europe may be a good destination, especially since OP wants on2 lessons!
  11. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    I have been to various parts of Central and South America, in no areas encountering an open dance scene like in Europe/America. Is the scene in Mexico open to foreigners at parties or is it more group-based?
  12. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    I was also thinking about Eastern Europe when I read the question but it depends on what you consider a vacation. Kiev and Sofia are not exactly warm beach destinations. And the beach destinations are not exactly salsa rich. Well maybe you can ski near Sofia and do general city sightseeing but it's not a tropical paradise. :)
  13. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    Varna/Borgas/Kiev/Constanta/Graz/Odessa/Sochi/all of Greece/Italian coast/Spanish coast.

    If money is not an issue Tel Aviv is great, but more for follows. There is a healthy On2 scene here along with a very large scene for other types of Salsa+Bachata. There are parties every night and they last till quite late, I have never seen a party in Israel end before 1:30. The beaches and food here are some of the best in the world as well. Though it is quite expensive, rivaling prices in London.
  14. lidiap

    lidiap Descarga

    I was responding to the OP question, which was “destination vacation” with good on2 learning possibilities. He wasn’t asking about an open scene, he sounded focused on taking many privates and learning, so I responded with what I know to be strong on2 dancers/teachers.

    But to answer your question, I don’t know for sure. I’ve only experienced congresses there, and most definitely in was an “open” scene, but that may be different than a local club.

    Eastern Europe may be a vacation destination, but then any place under the sun could be too.

    In any case, it's all moot, as the poster apparently disappeared.
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  15. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Based on the criteria the OP had, Mexico can fit the bill. We often get visited by Mexican salsa folks, and my impression is that the on2 culture there may be similar to what we have here in states. I doubt other than Puerto Rico and Mexico, if the rest of latin American countries will make a good destination for someone wanting good on2 training.
  16. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    Well, good luck finding quality salsa in Burgas. Don't know about the rest for sure but I personally will not go to a smaller city and expect to be able to find quality on2 instructors and a lively scene.

    Italy, Spain and Greece are considered Southern Europe. I suspect it will be more expensive to take privates there but I don't know enough to say for sure. Otherwise maybe Barcelona will be a good choice.
  17. canei

    canei Son Montuno

    On2 is pretty big in DR too. *2cents*
  18. combo

    combo Son

    Yes. In particular, Avenida Venezuela in Santo Domingo has some very good clubs for On2 dancing. The only one I remember the name of is "Euforia," but there were a few good ones.

    As far as a studio to take classes I don't know. But I imagine with the quality of NY style dancing I saw, there has to be a studio dedicated to it.
  19. JoseA

    JoseA Changui

    Hello. I'm also interested in learning on2 in Mexico. May I have the names in Mexico also?
  20. lidiap

    lidiap Descarga

    OK, here are some names for Mexico, you can contact them on FB. Good luck!

    Mexico City: Yasbek Cervantes, Victor Burgos
    Puebla: Ernesto Lopez, Maritza Gonzales, Juan Pedro Navarro
    Oaxaca: Jorge Martinez, Enrique Jarquin
    Monterrey: Adrian Arellano

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