Nominees for this year's Latin Grammys. Opinions?

Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by El Caobo, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Son De Panamá
    Rubén Blades Con Roberto Delgado & Orquesta
    Label: Ruben Blades Productions

    Jukebox Primera Edición
    Luis Enrique
    Label: Ariel Rivas Music

    Que Suenen Los Tambores
    Víctor Manuelle
    Label: Sony Music Latin/Kiyavi

    Son 45
    Ismael Miranda
    Label: Im Records/Kiyavi

    Rey Ruiz
    Label: Luna Negra Productions Inc.

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    I am liking Son de Panama-Ruben Blades!!!-(based on sound and arrangements-Ruben is excellent on this and Roberto's band is really tight-Cain is a killer track). I will readily admit that I haven't heard the others, well some of Ismael Miranda. I guess I am biased against the others based on their output over the years
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    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Ruben Blades, just because he hasn't sold out to commercialization. Although I do find his brand of Panamenian salsa inferior to when he works with Rican's like Willie Colon, Bobby Valentin, El Gran Combo, etc.
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    Best Salsa Album of 2016


    Intensamente India Con Canciones De Juan Gabriel

    Top Stop Music


    Other Nominees:

    35 Aniversario

    Grupo Niche
    Ppm Usa

    ¿Dónde Están?

    José Lugo & Guasábara Combo
    Engrande Music, LLC.

    Mi Ritmo Es Bueno

    Bobby Valentín
    Bronco Records Inc.

    Tronco Viejo

    Johnny Ventura
    Juan Y Nelson Entertainment

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    A friend of mine told me the following:

    As I understand it the voting membership is secret under lock and key. Now, there are some folks who have expressed being voting members. That's one way to learn who might be a voting member. But they are a drop in the bucket. Membership is vast.

    Every voting member in good standing (meaning that you have paid you annual dues on time and like clockwork) has to vote for each category. That's what kind of messes it up and why you always see the same select group of artists attaining nominations and wins. Because people who are not even aficionados of a musical style, are given the choice to vote among a class of artists, vote who they find "familiar" or "recognizable."

    What makes it worse is that even if you vote for, say, Wayne Gorbea, as a voting member, your choice still has to pass muster by ANOTHER cadre of Grammy voters. These are the so-called special committee or panelists who determine who is worthy of Grammy glory based on Grammy standards.

    So it's not necessarily a "popular" vote per se. Kind of like our own general elections in this country for President, Congress, etc.

    It's a whole bunch of "politics" and, again, why we always see the very same faces each and every time getting past the initial rounds, until the nominating process and finally the ultimate vote for Grammy glory.

    The fact that this select committee who oversees your choice as a voting member and has to approve of your choice, is secret, there is no election for them and they can dismiss your opinion as to who is deserving of Grammy glory, makes it all suspicious and untrustworthy and why a lot of folks don't even bother submitting product. Because the way its set up already lends itself to a "standard" of productions getting the nominations. You hardly ever see indie label winning, save for once in a blue moon. It's less than 1%.
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    I did mention that a friend told me this. I didn't give the name because the opinion if fairly strong and can be controversial, although I persoally agree with it. However, my friend is certainly free to claim ownership of those words!
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    Hi Caobo,

    That was I who expressed that. If you post the link I sent you in that PM, its no longer just my opinion but based on the Grammy voting guidelines and its process.

    No one will convince me that the Grammy voting process is 100% square. There's other examples that I can cite that show that, on occasion, specifically under Michael Greene, the former boss at NARAS, the Award selection process for specific categories can be "rigged" or set up to go a specific way for any reason. But since I can't prove it and its hearsay [but believe every word of it] I won't mention which legendary artist won for the Best Latin Jazz category based on a higher up being the deciding vote when they're not even a voting member.

    There are examples to the contrary like the SHO and Esperanza Spalding going against the "norm" and beating out the favorite contenders. But, by and large, the Grammys have "politics" involved [it should be fairly obvious to anyone paying attention, as does the NEA Jazz Master Award over the last decade. That's what I believe anyhow...
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    I fully agree with you and it explains why I never agree with the selected winners. From time to time, however I am pleasantly surprised by some of the chosen nominees, but those folks seem to never win.
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    I could be wrong, but Bobby Valertin's nomination may have been his first. As far as I know, he had never been nominated before of so many more deserving recordings. The 40th Anniversary CD and the concert at El Oso should have, at least, got nominated. To name just 2.

    Willie Rosario continues to be ignored. Either his camp just isn't submitting his productions or, again, something stinks in the voting process. I don't know what standard the committee is adhering to as it pertains to the "Salsa" category. (At least they eliminate the term "Tropical")
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  10. HothouseSalsero

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    Lifetime achievement awards for both are in order.
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    Congratulations to Arturo O'Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra for Best Latin Jazz Album at the Latin Grammys.

    Raul Agraz, a great New York based trumpet player was also nominated in the category.
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  12. Richie Blondet

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    Its too bad they couldn't share the award. Raul's recording was really exceptional. But the ALJO was really hip as well. Any other year and Raul might have taken it and could have just as easily this year. Congrats to all the nominees in this category. By far the most progressively creative category in this particular brand of awards ceremony.

    Its too bad there isn't a space in NYC where one could experience music like Raul's and others without it costing one and arm and a leg. At least, NY'ers can hit up Birdland on Sundays. The peanut gallery ain't so bad on the wallet.
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    My fave track of the CD...

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  14. Richie Blondet

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    Love this track...

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  15. Richie Blondet

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  16. groovetpt

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    Yes a very solid release from Raul.
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  17. El Caobo

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    When an organization loses its credibility, it no longer has any allure. I did not watch the Latin Grammys and have not watched it for a few years. I just happened to see someone's post about it on Facebook and then decided to research the nominees and winners for this year. The results are reliably disappointing. Of all the wonderful salsa music released in 2016, they voted for India singing salsa covers of Juan Gabriel's songs? Oh, please!

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Caobo, seems to me it has been that way for quite a few years. Good artists always seems to make the list but never win. And it is a shame who they lose to under the label of nest "Salsa" album. The winner usually has music most of us Salseros wouldn't even have in our collections. This year We had great recordings from Bobby Valentin, Willie Rosario, Raphy Leavitt & Ruben Blades with a decent release by El Gran Combo. A very special year for Salsa for quite some time, yet not one of these won, only 1 made the list.
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    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Excuse me Ruben Blades was last year.
  20. El Caobo

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    It is a very sad state of affairs, but Richie Blondet explained much of the problem. All members of the academy votes in all categories. So, a lot of members who don't have even a minimal appreciation constitute a very large percentage of the vote. Understanding the Latino demographics of the United States, it is easy to also to understand why we get the types of winners that we always get in the salsa category.
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