Nice attacker was a salsa dancer!

Discussion in 'Salser@s Anonymous' started by Offbeat, Jul 18, 2016.

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    I wonder if any of my friends in the Nice scene knew him.
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    I was wondering the same if the people in scene there knew him. Based on all the reporting of his almost sociopathic tendencies and anger issues, I won't be shocked if he was not liked by other dacners.

    But I am also of the way reporters would use the term "he loved salsa dancing". To someone who is regular, will read it instantly as someone who is part of the scene. An outsider/non-dancer could claim even an occassional casual (once in a while types) visitor to be a salsa lover - which can be true or may not be true.
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    The whole Nice attack account is full of problems. For instance, some eyewitnesses report the driver being taken alive.

    How convenient that the same man who was there to video the Nice attack was also present to take photographs at whatever happened in Munich. His wife, Einat Wilf, is a high level Israeli politician and has worked for Israeli intelligence.

    Will try to get back and throw up some links.
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    There is no information available to the public about anyone who has been associated with any Israel intelligence agency. A report claiming this is false, plain and simple. An outlet that publishes such false reports is a fake news outlet.

    For reference: the only known members of Israeli intelligence are the current and past heads of Shin Bet, respectively.

    Now, if some foreign intelligence agency outed an Israeli intelligence officer, Israeli policy is to deny that the person is an intelligence officer or that the person is even Israeli.
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    "Has worked for Israeli Intelligence". Sounds bombastic, doesn't it?
    -She was serving in the army, like every Israeli is obligated to, in Unit 8200 (The equivalent of the NSA). Just like many of my friends did.

    I hope you don't blame me for sinking the Titanic. I mean, how convenient it is that iceberg sounds like a Jewish last name.
    -And I did take swimming lessons when I was at 3rd grade, so it all makes sense.

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