Mostly for the ladies: Avoiding theft in new clubs?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by akdancer, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. akdancer

    akdancer Changui

    Hi all,

    I'm going to Barcelona this winter. It's rare that I get to dance in a big city so, even though reviews of that scene seem to be mixed, I figured I'd try to hunt up a salsa club or two. I'm hoping that since it's a big city there'll be a coat check... but I'll still need a safe place to put a house/hotel key or at a bare minimum the coat check ticket, and ladies' cute dancing clothing almost never has useful pockets on that. In a worst-case scenario I'd need to keep a small wallet's worth of stuff on me.

    So, primarily for other ladies, or anyone else that faces the same pocketless dilemma: Do you have any clever solutions for holding onto small things like that when you're out dancing in a strange place? I'll be on my own, so neither having a posse of friends to watch my stuff nor asking a guy friend to stash things in his pockets will be an option. And since Barcelona is notorious for its pickpockets, I am a little more concerned than usual.

    Lately I've been wondering about those "flip over" yoga/running belts that go around your waist or hips; not a perfect solution, but maybe better than flogging everyone around me with a cross-body purse.

    Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!
  2. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Solutions I've seen: Armband wallet, inside bra, attached to stockings.
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  3. granrey

    granrey Sonero

    get a BF.

    serious. all my previous and current gf get me to carry all their stuff in my pockets.

    I have to carry my wallet, my phone, my keys.

    for her: her keys, make up items and phone holder/purse thingy (it's combo piece).

    there is also a compact purse that wear sometimes.

    I don't even know what women mean with equality these days.....
  4. Nika

    Nika Son Montuno

    I use one of these or, if I don´t need to carry (car)keys, but only money and coat check ticket, a wrist band with a little pocket in it, that I bought at a festival once.
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  5. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    Seems like an ankle/thigh pouch would be good to avoid hindering movement.
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  6. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'El Diferente' Canales

    I sewed a small pocket made from the toe of an old sock :) to the inside of the waistband of one of my favorite dance skirts. It has room for coat check receipt and some money. I haven't ever used it for my keys in it but at most hotels nowadays you get a room card so that would work.
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  7. Winston

    Winston Descarga

    You can use a belly wallet and wear it concealed beneath your clothes.
    You can wear the wallet on your belly or on your back, whatever your dress requires for the best concealment.
    You will have to go to the restrooms each time to get things in or out of it.

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  8. Winston

    Winston Descarga

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  9. Winston

    Winston Descarga

    The armband wallet I would wear underneath pants with wide legs for concealment.

    Those solutions will never work with stretch pants, skirts or dresses however.
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  10. G809

    G809 Changui

    If there is no coat check (which is most places I go): I don't take my whole wallet with me, but just my license, small amount of cash, and sometimes one credit card. I have this stuff along with my shoes and any other non-valuables in a purse and don't worry about it because little is lost if there is a theft (which very rarely happens in my community).

    If there is a required coat check: Put all my valuables in my purse and check it; put the coat check ticket in my bra. This is a bit annoying because then I have to go back to the coat check anytime I need anything. And the ticket gets sweaty :).
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  11. noobster

    noobster Pattern Police

    Oh I know! I just bought this thing and it's awesome.

    I haven't worn it dancing yet (I've been using it to go running) but I have no doubt it would be great. It wouldn't matter if it flashes when you spin either, as it's actually sort of sexy looking.

    It wouldn't work with long trousers though as you need to be able to reach your thigh to get your stuff out.

    Wish I'd had this years ago when I used to dance more regularly, it's way better than the old bra wallet solution.
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  12. akdancer

    akdancer Changui

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful suggestions! Except @granrey ... you're funny :rofl:

    I usually use my shoe bag or jacket as a purse and just don't worry about it. But since I'll be by myself in a big, foreign city that's infamous for its pickpocketing, that didn't seem like a great idea. I've tried the "stuff coat check ticket/ID/whatever in bra" method, but I tend to sweat like a sweaty man on a very sweaty day :eek: So... even if there is a coat check, I'll still need a safe place to stow the ticket!

    I think I'm going to try the GirlyGoGarter thing and see if it works. It sounds like the least encumbering solution, and I'm all for flashing a garter every now and then!
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  13. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    I use a clip wallet like this:

    I can fit a credit card, key (without keychain), and a few money bills/coins in it. You can clip it to the inside of any pant/skirt waistband as it lays flat and is essentially invisible, except for the small clip, which is mostly covered if you're wearing a regular top, and even if you're wearing a crop top it's mostly unnoticeable.

    If you're wearing a dress you can probably clip it to your underwear, though I haven't tried that (since I usually wear leggings when dancing).

    If going dancing in a place where I worry about theft and I don't have the clip wallet with me or can't leave my phone at the hotel (because I need to use the phone map, etc) and there is no bag check, I make friends with the DJ and ask if I can put my dance shoes bag (with phone/money inside) next to his table. I've never gotten a no :)
  14. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Wow, I use exactly the same wallet, and surprisingly it does not disturb dancing.
    And dj friends trick too. I just don't expect dj to guard it, unless they have nothing better to do. I know from my djing experience, that some people think dj booth is a garderobe, and expect you to remember which was their phone.
  15. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    Same, I don't expect them to guard anything of course, but theft chances are probably much lower if the shoe bag is under/next to DJ table than on a couch in the dark.
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