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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by VJ1222, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. VJ1222

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    I, along with of few guys, are planning to take a trip up to Montreal, Canada (Our first time ever)...Can anybody give me a few tips as to what hotel to stay that is nearby the majority of clubs / socials for like a thursday night to sunday?

    We are all pretty good On2 Dancers and wanna road trip to someplace we've never been...

    Your thoughts?

    OH - and as a thank you - I can put you on to some good spots when you come down to New York City =)

  2. andrep1

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    You can kill a Saturday afternoon at the Moka 4-8 PM, you'll find on2 dancers... and people go there to dance. They also do Thursday nights from 9PM to 1AM.

    5175 A, Av. du Parc, Montréal (corner Fairmount)
    Tél : 514-277-5575

    Good dj, good music, nice floor but could be bigger, lots of sitting.

    In the summer, you can dance at the old port on the Sunday Afternoon.
  3. lyndwode

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    I can vouch for Moka too - GREAT music, thursdays there were less people, but it was still worth it. Competition opend up another place on thursdays, cant remember where though.

    Sunday nights at 6/49 is a MUST, killer music, and dancers.

    I think there is already a thread with this topic...

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