La Epoca - What is the Mambo?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by witchphd, Sep 24, 2008.

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    I received an email about a screening of this film. A DVD is available as well. Ya'll might be interested in this because it addresses a topic that comes up multiple times. From the website:

    This was my favorite line
    Call me a cynic, but I seriously doubt that will be put to rest.

    More can be found on the website
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    The movie is educational. A lot of the movie is spent talking about how great the Palladium was. There is some footage, but not as much as you would want. In fact, you can probably find more on youtube. The praise of the Palladium is a little bit overdone.

    A lot of the movie is spent explaining the history of salsa and the difference in the different types of music from Cuba. Arsenio gets the credit for creating mambo and a lot of time is given to praising Arsenio. I love his music, but this also is a bit drawn out.

    One good thing they did was demonstrate how mambo was created from what was around back then. They use knowledgeable musicians that played with singers like Pacheco and Lavoe. About 50% of the movie is in Spanish with subtitles.

    About 30% is spent on the dance. The proper basic/timing for cha cha is demonstrated and explained. Many argue for dancing On2 as opposed to dancing On1. Barbara, Cuban Pete's partner, continues to market Dancing On The Clave as being the true method.

    There is an almost uniform condemnation of today's salsa music as being shallow and too fast. The dancing is criticized for being to spin oriented as opposed to more body movement, footwork and musicality.

    All and all, I would say it is definitely worth watching. But the movie is about 2 hours long and there are many slow and repetitive parts so be prepared.

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