It all starts with ATTITUDE

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    Attitude Drives Behavior

    Attitudes drive behavior. Your body language is a result of your mental attitude. By choosing your attitude you get in that mood and send out a message that everyone understands, consciously or unconsciously.

    Besides learning the moves, postures, and steps to a dance, you need to develop ATTITUDE. Attitude is your
    showcase to the world. Wether it’s an interview for a job, declaring your case (in court), walking into a room full of strangers, or stepping on to an empty dance floor. When you have attitude you are in control, you look and behave like an expert. Basically you know what you’re doing, and you’re going to do it your way.

    This is one of the techniques from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ taught to the beginners. Before you can look good, you have to ACT good, before you can act good you have to THINK good, before you can think good you have to have ATTITUDE.

    Got Attitude ?
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    Awesome post! Hope you're staying around for more than just to advertise!
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    If the waters are good

    I plan to be around as long as the waters are good :)

    thanks for the good words

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