Is anyone headed to the Chicago Salsa Festival?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by naturallove, May 10, 2010.

  1. naturallove

    naturallove Sonero

    This event is very close to me, so I was thinking of attending this year. However, it's been hard to find out details--anyone know more about dates, who is performing and if a schedule is currently posted?
  2. amanda

    amanda Changui

    This year's Chicago Salsa Congress has been held in February 11-14, 2010 at The Westin O'Hare.
    Next year (2011) will be the 10th Anniversary of Annual Chicago Salsa Congress and it will be held from February 17th to February 20th, 2011.
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  3. jaytea

    jaytea Changui

    True, the Chicago International Salsa Congress has already been held. However, it looks as if the Salsa Festival has changed its name to the Latin Street Salsa Congreso and will be taking place next month! (June 24th-27th)

    I'm planning on attending at least one night of social dancing. Maybe more, depending on how my schedule looks.

    More info can be found at
  4. jaytea

    jaytea Changui

    Also, if you're close to Chicago, you could check out Chicago Summer Dance, which has lessons and live music (and a dance floor!) in Grant Park. (

    I'm really excited about that!
  5. catarina

    catarina Son Montuno

    Okay, I will be at SummerDance events that weekend, and maybe at one of the Latin Street evening events, but am not sure yet. They incorporate a lot of summerdance options that weekend--an opening event in the parks: Humboldt Park Boat House--outdoors overlooking a pond (Humboldt Park is gorgeous!), the regular summerdance venue downtown, and at Navy Pier. Latin Street events are generally well done too, so if you're considering it, come on in town!

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