Interview in Spanish Pupy's current tour

Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by timberamayor, Mar 16, 2017.

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  2. I will see this show in Zurich! Not sure I can last 9-4am though. ..
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    I've heard a few new tracks from them, are they putting out a new album in 2017?
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    cool, will be there as well ... I dont speak spanish so whats up with the 9 to 4 remark? is that how long the concert will last :) ?
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    I assume that is the hours of the event doors open at 9pm and close at 4am. I expect the concert will be around 10 or 11 pm and last between 1.5 and 2 hours. DJ before and after i expect.
  6. The above is correct. The thing im not sure about is whether the show will be performances from each headlined artist or if it is Los Que Son Son with features. If it's the former then I expect it to be longer than 2 hours.
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    Well I expect you to report on it :)
  8. I'm back!
    First of, Zurich is a great place, I'm looking forward to one day returning.
    So Los Que Son Son!

    We arrived to the club around 10. I have no idea how things are run in Switzerland so I was a little concerned I may miss the beginning. Wasn't the case at all. The club was no where near full attendance when we arrived so no band until around 11 or so.
    When the band finally arrived they went full swing into a tune, and a good 10 or 11 seconds in.... power outage! I expected better from Zurich, a place which makes London seem 3rd world...

    After a while, they somehow salvaged the situation, and just about the mood after maybe half an hour. Band starts again. 3 minutes in - power outage! I didn't let my mood drop though, I traveled from London to see this line up! 2nd salvage - band back on, up and running, after a few songs the band is sounding unbelievable for a 12/13 piece- sharp, tight and full of energy, I wouldn't expect any less though (interesting note - some of the songs had guitar in it). Then Mayito is called to the stage.

    Mayito = Amazing. To see him perform in such a small venue is something else. The power he brings is awesome. I have no idea what song they were playing but maybe 6 or 7 minutes into his tune.... need I even say it?
    So we wait and wait and wait... eventually band is back, they play Soy Todo! The Los Que Son Son set up is a nice variation of the Soy Todo which I'm used to hearing. That's all we got from Mayito. Perhaps if it weren't for the power issues they may have played Temba Tumba Timba or La Bomba. Does anyone know what he performed at any of the other gigs?

    Enter Pedro Calvo, he looks as much as a cartoon character in real life as he does in the photos and videos. They played El Negro Esta Cocinado, which was quite nice to hear. Then Pepito came on next - I'm not too familiar with his tunes, the only one which I can recall is El Buenagente. Very good performance.

    Tanja Panjota = wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. As amazing as she sounds on recordings, they do her no justice. Only matched by Mayito, but at this particular event, she stole the show- even going on last after the power shortages, waiting around, crowd growing weary, she came on, entertained not just the crowd but the band as well. I must see her perform again - by this point it was 2,30/3 am and after a day of being awake very early and travelling I was just about hanging in there.

    The crowd was generally very energetic and positive considering the technical problems, and kept dancing until the end. In addition to the other two songs mentioned, the other songs I recall being played were La Candela and Sandunguera. Pupy played maybe 4 or 5 songs then another guy played the rest. Maybe Pedroso is suffering with his hands a bit? He was happily walking around on the stage for the songs he didn't play. His posture looks like its suffering slightly but he seems to be doing well for a 70 year old on tour!

    tldr - Good show, too many power cuts, Tanja Pantoja is one of the best singers I have ever heard, songs include La Candela, Sandunguera, Soy Todo and El Negro Esta Cocinado, Pupy is delegating the majority of piano duty.

    If anyone is interested I can upload pictures, and if anyone is interested in the equipment being used I'll look through the pics I have and let you know.
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    Sure I'd like to see the pics. What a bummer about the power. I suppose the venue didn't have the wattage to handle all the instruments. I wonder if they've had large bands there before.

    And yes, Tania really impresses when you see her live. Now you understand why she's so popular in Cuba
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    It was not at a venue where they usualy have concerts, it was more a disco...also the organizer was unknown to me. I think the Sound system of a disco should be strong enought to handle a concert, but maybe they plugged in the PA System in the wrong plug :(
  11. timberamayor

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    I was at a concert once held in a restaurant and their system was not able to handle the instruments and the fuses kept blowing, which is what this sounded like to me.

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