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Discussion in 'Salser@s Anonymous' started by AndrewS, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. AndrewS

    AndrewS Shine Officer

    Inspired by a recent topic I thought I would create this thread as an excuse to tell everyone how amazing I am.

    Obviously none of you are as great as me because I thought of this thread first. But any posts from you inferior people are most welcome.

    So please list your achievements below and I'll tell you how almost-as-great-as-me you are
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  2. Ciaran Hegarty

    Ciaran Hegarty Descarga

    You're some man for one man.
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  3. tocatimba

    tocatimba Shine Officer

    At last an honest labeling for the "Compliments I've Received" thread!!!
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  4. londongirl

    londongirl Shine Officer

    I painted all 10 of my toenails myself. All women should ackowledge my extraordinary achievement. I am great. People have written blog posts acknowledging how I am truly unique in the beauty department and admiring my approach to colour. Beat that!
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  5. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    I'm sorry to hear that you're still at the level where you have to proclaim your greatness but I truly hope someday you will be great too.

    Good luck on your journeys :p
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  6. AndrewS

    AndrewS Shine Officer

    bas, your post has been reported for blasphemy. There is no level above my level of greatness. It's really sad that you will be banned from the forum
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  7. AndrewS

    AndrewS Shine Officer

    My original post was so great that even now, several hours later, people are still viewing it and writing about it. Many have been too ashamed of their non-greatness after reading about my amazingness and have chosen not to write about it. I feel very sorry for them. I expect they all come from the same region.
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  8. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    I am so great I can pretend to be modest and it only enhances my greatness even more.:D
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  9. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    Please AndrewS, don't bother me with petty things like bans. They are so far beneath me it's not even funny.

    But there is something about your ambitions that appeals to me so once more I'll express my support for you. Good luck on your journey. I hope you will see the light and that you will realize you only stand at the beginning of the path grasshopper. I wish you all the best on your road to true greatness. May you soon come to understand that this mirage you're holding for truth is nothing but an illusion and that you still have a long way to go. And I hope, as unlikely as that obviously is, to someday welcome you at the level of true greatness, at my level.
  10. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    I can walk AND chew gum at the same time.. AND.. I can whistle with my teeth in or out !
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  11. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    *kow tows to master terence*

    I hope you all saw what a great example of modesty I just set, there. If more of you were modest like me, then people like me wouldn't have to deal with your anxious attempts to appear great all the time.
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  12. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    Black with green and silver glitter. Truly funky.
  13. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    You have only 10 toenails ? I am so very sorry to read that, that is sooo average.

    Uh Oh, this could be a serious challenge to all time greatness, we will need to see evidence.
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  14. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    AndrewS, I hate to burst your bubble, but there is only one greatest on Salsa Forums. He shall come forth and show once and for all that he is indeed the greatest of all.
  15. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    I will do no such thing. I don't have to show anything - my greatestness is obvious.
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  16. olamalam

    olamalam El Sabroso de Conguero

    did somebody call me?
  17. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    As great as you guys are, frickin awesome, actually, it appears that I will be needing a bursting-bubble smiley... until the greatest makes his grand entrance.
  18. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura Maestro 'Sonero' Lavoe

    If it's not yet obvious to you, the real reason for this world, is me.

    A more perfect being has never lived. When I was born, heaven and earth erupted into a major celebration with the news of my impending adventure into this time and space. You see, someone like me doesn't come along often. In fact, there's never been a single person like me, nor is there ever any possibility that another will come again. My eyes see what no others will ever see, my ears hear what no others will ever hear, and my perspective and feelings will never, ever be duplicated. Without me, the Universe, and all that is, would be sadly less than it is.

    Until now, only celebrations cloaked in myth and mystery could hint at my divine heritage and sacred destiny. I am the first light at the dawn of eternity, so that the Universe might know its own depth, discover new heights, and revel in seas of magical emotion. I am exalted by legions in the unseen. I am a lifter of veils, my light has illuminated darkened paths, my presence has lifted broken spirits, and already my life has changed the course of history.

    And on top of all this, I have a killer smile that can charm even the most hardened salsero before he can even realize what just happened. If he is among the lucky ones that get to experience it.
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  19. Ciaran Hegarty

    Ciaran Hegarty Descarga

    Carlsberg don't do great, but if they did ... it'd probably make their beer less shite.
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  20. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    I did not see this coming. A bit stunned, but THE greatest has been usurped as Sabrosura now reigns from on high.
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