I wonder if there's been any studies done...

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by barrefly, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    ...on reading a person's personality/traits etc. from reading their posts.
    I can only assume their must be experts in this area.
    I would get a kick out of such experts reading my posts and telling me everything
    about myself. (though, via a pm....I wouldn't want it posted. LOL)
  2. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    After years of posting on forums, including political and high-tech forums where some pretty amazing games are played, I think I've got it down to an art. But it's mostly common sense (though it takes a while to figure out some of the games).

    They must be experts in WHAT area - and what makes you assume "they" are experts?

    Well, I haven't read enough of your posts to figure out your astrological sign, but I've never noticed anything that I would describe as negative.
  3. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    ...The area of pyschoanalysis from reading message board posts. It's really stronger
    than just an assumption. I am fairly certain there are experts in this field.

    I think that I'm a pretty easy read since I tend to neurotically say everything that's on my mind. By the way, I'm a "Cancer".
    When we are talking with a real person, say a stranger we've met for the first time, we
    tend to study the person themselves, as well as what they have to say. I wonder if it's
    easier to fool someone via message board chat then face to face chat. However, spelling may also
    be a clue that you wouldn't get from face to face.
    I dunno....It just crossed my mind...that's all.
  4. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    Probably. In a face to face conversation, you could be betrayed by your facial expressions or body language. Also, there's always the possibility that your target could surprise you with an awkward question.

    Let me put it this way: I was politically active for years, even running for public office, and very few people dared confront me face to face - especially after my first year, when I cut some people off at the knees. After that, they would only "face" me online, where they can hide behind pseudonyms and play other games.

    So if you're REALLY a certain ultra-rich CEO, and you're just lurking on this forum in an attempt to sell software, you're doing a good job. :)
  5. I'm sure intelligence or law enforcement agency have "profilers" where they could do these sort of things.

    However, with my skills, I was able to determine from the posts I read that barrefly enjoys dancing salsa, and Salsa Bear either lives in Seattle right now or have in the past.
  6. bailar y tocar

    bailar y tocar Clave Commander

    The moderators keep everything very civilized around here {Thank You} so the flame wars that typically happen in forums don't occur. IME when I have met people who post in forums they seem much more mellow in real life.

    There should be more sf meetups and shine compilations than we can all see for ourselves.
  7. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    And after carefully analyzing your post, I going to take a wild guess and say that you live in California, joined this forum in November 2006, are classified "Son Montuno" and have made 138 posts.

    Was I close? :)
  8. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    Salsa Bear,
    Then I must not be good at it because I would have never guessed you had any strong political leanings. There are a couple of posters on another board and even without them talking about politics, I would have guessed they had strong political ideology, and they do. (...very opinionated about certain types of people and their habits/personality.) You seem good at not judging people. (Though you have me completly pegged)
  9. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    You see, I fooled evilquesadilla. I don't dance. Of course, if he had read all my posts,
    he would have certainly known that I was a "stage dad" and would have gotten sick of hearing me talk about my daughter all the time. (I have been managing my daughter's dance training for over 13 yrs.
    ...so, in a sense you can say, "I'm not a dancer, but I play one on T.V.")
    I have done enough research to write a "master's thesis" on the subject.
  10. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    Actually, I can be very judgmental. I just tend to keep my judgments to myself, especially regarding my local Salsa scene. :)
  11. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    Interesting. In one way, I figure you can tell as much about soneone's character by reading their views as by chatting with then live - maybe even more. On the other hand, I've personally proven to be horrible at judging that way. I thought someone on another forum seemed really nice, and Lee said "You're kidding, he's obviously a freak"...as usual, it turned out that Lee was right.

    Personally, I'm much more confrontational and hard-edged on forums than in real life...I think part of the attraction is the opportunity to unleash my inner b*tch, lol. ;)
  12. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    LOL. this is how I had you.

    If I let my imagination run (this is purely for fun, you understand, do me next if you want!)... you are dark haired, slim/slight with tanned skin. You're single and devoted to your only child, your daughter. For some reason I have you wearing sequins even though I know you almost never dance. You live in an apartment in LA not too far from venice beach and like your coffee with caramel syrup. When your daughter is grown, you are considering getting back into commercials and maybe bigger things.

    Am I close? LOL.
  13. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    He is starting to sound like a middle-aged drag queen... ;)
  14. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Urg. Now I'm wondering if my post is more about me than barrefly... :eek:
  15. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    I am a 52 yr. old alchoholic with a stomach that makes me look like a pregnant snake. I have
    been married 25 yrs. (which explains my alchoholism) and have
    2 beautiful daughters. The 16 yr. old is the dancer and the 10 yr. old is the creative one
    that has done some acting. (T.V., film, commercials etc.) I only drink coffee with plenty of cream and suger. (coffee in the morning to get me going, alcohol in the evening to get me to sleep.) I have worn the same type of clothes so long that it is almost my uniform. (Levi jeans, cheap payless shoes/boots and t-shirts/polo shirts.)
    I am a lazy hedonist that spends a lot of time on the internet looking for sensory thrills.
    (...which includes a lot of hetero **** that I figured out how not to pay for.)
    I have owned my own home since before I was married and live in a sleeper city far enough
    from L.A. that I am happy. (Which doesn't make sense since I am always in L.A.)
    I love both my kids dearly, but am obsesessive with my dancer daughter's dance.
    She/her talent is the focus of my obsession. She is like a project to me. If I wasn't obsessing on her, I would be obsessing on something else. I would obsess on something I could do myself (which I have in the past), but it takes too much work and I'm too lazy.
    I am not well educated (2 yr. degree...good enough to get me a well paying job that is
    very easy.) I am very analytical and a good problem solver. I would have gone much further in life would I not have been so darn lazy. I love art, music, philosophy and science.
    I find people fascinating and can sit and watch them all day if I had a bottle with me.
    I drive a big gas guzzling truck that I regret buying.

    sweavo, You are a decent and knowlegable dancer but not a competitive dancer.
    Mid/late 30's and single. You have recieved formal dance training that started in your early 20's and have trained at ballroom studios at some time. You own your home in the outskirts of a large city and keep it very clean and tidy. You like to cook gourmet and have a lot of friends you socialize with. (mostly male.) You have had roomates and may presently have one. You love the arts and probably have some antiques and collectables to decor your home, many of which hold a sentimental meaning. You have art/posters on the wall of your bathroom. You may have a small dog (?).
    You like old movies and favor a wide range of non-contemporary music and are not tuned to hiphop, todays pop etc. stations, but you have some contemporary artists/songs you like, but not the whole contemporary genre. Therefore you are probably tuned to a station
    that plays music spanning decades.
    Your friends think you have a great sense of humor and respect you knowlege of dance. You find people fascinating.
    You work in a specialized non-technical field. You do drink, and will drink to drunk on occasions, but it will be in your own home or one of your close friend's soirees.
    You drink very little to none when you go out dancing.
  16. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    oooo, do me, do me! (hint: never drank in my life :) )
  17. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    Let's what until sweavo replies. It will give me time to go over your posts.
  18. LOL Are you serious? You are here because your daughter dances and not because you dance?

    That's funny. I assumed everyone on the board dances, which I'd say is a good assumption normally, but you're the exception.
  19. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    Please remember, ...one may not be able to paint a wall if their life depended on it, but could be a reknown authority on the paintings that hang on it.

    antigone, what the heck, I am to lazy too go over your posts, so I will create you.
    I am assuming you are female.

    You work in the public sector as an administrator. You are in you late 20's and
    watch what you eat and are in good shape. You are very politically correct with people
    but you really don't think as much of people as sweavo does and tend to be judgmental of others, though you keep it to yourself.
    You were once in a semi-long term relationship with a guy, but never married. You were the dominant partner in the relationship and you both just drifted apart. You date on occasion but are not promiscious. You would like to get married some day and maybe have kids, but you are questioning whether there are any good guys out there for you.
    You won't admit it, but you need a guy with a strong personality to keep you interested, ...maybe a bit on the wild side...perhaps younger than you.
    You are not religous. You are an organizer, and people often come to you for advice.
    You are close to your parents and keep in constant touch. You have went to college and have a 4 yr. degree. You rent or have a condo but it is a nice apt. or condo.
    You like to travel and have been on a cruise or 2. No pets, lots of friends both male and female. You may have a sibling, perhaps a younger brother.
  20. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    haha, you missed the crucial post where I talk about my ex-husband, and a bunch of posts where I talk about my son, and the whole thread about my graduate school entrance, and the lack of acceptance of my dancing by my parents :)

    "You won't admit it, but you need a guy with a strong personality to keep you interested, ...maybe a bit on the wild side...perhaps younger than you." - and I admit it all the time, and again you missed the post about me preferring older men :)

    see, it doesn't take psychoanalysis, just attention to detail :)

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