How to handle dating a non-dancer

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by LilWhiteBlondGrl, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. LilWhiteBlondGrl

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    I'm addicted to Salsa. And I became addicted while I was dating an amazing dancer, who, very fortunately, I'm still good friends with, and love to dance with. In fact, he's probably still my favorite partner. But that's beside the point.
    Even though my current boyfriend is very understanding, as much as a non-dancer can be, about my love for Salsa, I think it bothers him a little. But I understand that, and I wish it didn't. As long as I don't spend the entire weekend dancing, then it's okay....but sometimes I WANT to dance all weekend! Please help. Are any other dance lovers in relationships, but still love Salsa? My guy is really sweet about it, but he does tease me about "shaking my groove thang" with other guys. (Hopefully, it's not a "grove" that we're shaking. That sounds so 80's!) A dancer knows that it's a platonic relationship, ususally, with other dancers, but I can't really expect him to see that. He trusts me completely, and knows I'm independant anyways, but I can see it becomming a bigger issue as I'm not about to give up this stuff!
    Any comments? Please don't say I'm going to have to give up one. Unless that's what you think, of course.
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    Hi LilWhiteBlondGrl! Welcome to Salsa Forums! Happy to have you here. I am no expert on this subject by any means so I will wait to see what others have to say. Just wanted to say welcome! :)
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    I've got a cure for this :p :) have you tried to take him to salsa lessons yet? you can ask him to go for one lesson.. and see if he likes it hopefully he'll get salsero Itis like me :D thats all I can think of at any rate 8)
  4. I dont think you should give one up while your dating, if there was a ring on your finger then you might think more seriously about that. I'm really to scared to give you any advice on this because these are such big emotional issues. I'd say talk to him about it and tell him that you worried that it might develop into a problem when things get more serious. I definately think its better to talk about it now than to wait until your even more emotionally involved. I really dont think there is a black or white here. When your old dance partner moves to L.A. maybe your boyfriend will be more willing to learn to dance. Memphis does need some more leaders.
  5. LilWhiteBlondGrl

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    Thanks everyone for your insight. :)

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