how many patterns do you repeat on the dance floor?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by biggah, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. biggah

    biggah Son

    Ok,not counting when you shine a little,im curious as to how many patterns(leaders,of course) do you end up repeating most of the times in a given song? Do you by habit have a handful(how many,just to ask)of favorites that end up being the core of your dancing? Do you tend to keep them simple with a new partner or take up the practiced steps with a friend in the know? ........The reason is that i sit there and watch people dancing and then after a bit i say,"ok,i saw that before."
  2. terence

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    It should never be about HOW much variety you dance ( comp. apart ) but how well you dance that variety, limited or otherwise .
  3. biggah

    biggah Son

    terence,thanx for the response.what you say is true,granted,but you cant dance the same step all night long.if you add just one more pattern to that "one" then you have two and that is my question answered.and good morning,its early,man,just came home? lol
  4. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    As you may or may not be aware, there are many who belived that " more " = excellence.

    Of course, no one would be content with a very limited variety ( exception to that, the older Cubano dancers, its ALWAYS style over substance ).

    I would not pigeon hole a specific number, but it is safe to say that all dance ,at any level , should be liberally served up with foundational material .
  5. biggah

    biggah Son

    LOL! LOL! damn,terence,i give up on you,bloke. yep,i get what youre saying but maybe someone else can give us something closer to what im looking for. and yes im AWARE that more does not mean excellence(por favor!) but more music played by a dj is better than one good remix over and over. but,nonetheless,thanx for your good
  6. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

  7. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Lol !!!
  8. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

  9. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    LOL. I sent you a PM.
  10. biggah

    biggah Son

    42!!! that means no breaks for taking a leak? :)
  11. MacMoto

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    I thought it was the answer to life, the universe and everything.
  12. SDsalsaguy

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    ...and hence to this question as well! :lol:
  13. GForce85

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    I end up repeating something in every song, unless it's pretty short. I do by habit have some favorites that I use every time, with some variations thrown in on top of that. It's hard to say what the actual number is, because patterns are just a bunch of basic things combined. When I learn a new pattern in a class, I can do it the way I learned it, I can do it with a different ending, I can do it with a different beginning, etc etc. It's all in how you arrange the basic components. It would take a while to sit and count them out making sure to keep track of the variations.

    Regarding your second question: with new partners I start out simple and try to gauge what they will and won't be able to handle based on how they respond to the simple things. If they seem to be a beginner, I'll keep it simple. If they are really good, I won't hold back. With people "in the know", I already know how good they are, so I just start out simple and ratchet it up to the upper end of their ability, if I'm capable of that. Otherwise I just go to the upper end of my ability.
  14. Melvin

    Melvin Tumbao

    I know about 10 patterns, which I at this stage tend to repeat until I bore myself and sometimes my partner.

    Not something I'm happy about, it's really sad that I'm not yet able to dance more spontaneously.

    I guess I could make an effort to leave the comfort zone of the patterns I know and start mixing things up, playing with the music etc, but I figured I want to be able to perform my patterns consistently and really well before I start trying to actually dance. At least it makes it less probable I develop bad habits.
  15. acpjr

    acpjr Tumbao

    I printed a list that I go through occasionally to remind myself what I know, and the number of "basic" patterns I have is 35 (of course a lot of the turns and foot placement are the same but a change in hand hold makes the moves different from each other.) This number is quite small given that each of my basic patterns takes no more than 2 bars. I've read that salsa music is typically between 180 and 210 BPM, which means I've only got enough moves to fill the intro to a song :(

    In my mind there is a difference between a pattern and a combination. A pattern to me is a series of movements that if factored out would result in fundamentals, and a combination is a series of patterns. Basic casino moves are a perfect example of this. Take the moves "Kentucky" and "El Uno" for example. The fundamental movement is the "stop and go" but each has different hand placement, a neck wrap and hammerlock respectively. An example of a combination would be El Uno -> El Dos -> Sombrero -> Dile que no -> Kentucky (which is pretty easy since from a DQN you can pretty much do anything.)

    When I troll YouTube for "patterns" I end up finding all these Congress videos of 50 bar combinations (exaggerating) that would be impossible to remember without recording. Is this what people really pay for? Seems to me that money would be better spent in a body movement class, shines class, or a private.

    I notice the same, but the main reason it sticks out, from what I can tell, is that the leader probably threw a basic in between or uses basics to transition from move to move.

    But who cares what other dudes do, what I'm constantly thinking when dancing is "ok, she felt that before." I constantly try to rotate the patterns to form different combinations which I'm finding is hard to do since certain followers put constraints on the number and types of patterns that I can execute.

    For me, it all depends on the music and connection to the partner. If the song doesn't move me or there isn't a good partner connection, I usually go into pattern mode. But when the music is right, I really try to keep it basic, interpret the music, and play with my partner (which is really making me consider taking up Spanish language lessons, since I'd like to interpret the words as well as the instruments.)
  16. biggah

    biggah Son

    acpjr,good point on understanding the spanish lyrics(actually it should be a thread of sorts).i assume you dont speak spanish? ok,im cuban and im the first to admit that alot of afro cuban salsa/timba talks ALOT about food!! in the book CUBA AND ITS MUSIC by SUBLETTE(highly about the roots of soooo many sounds and their african/spanish/santeria roots all the way to beny more,arsenio rodriguez,celia,etc salsa music roots) and he says,jokingly,that since probably food is more scarce than sex its more apropiate to sing about THAT! lol. anyway,listening to the lyrics and how much fun some are makes the or better yet gives the song more SABOR or flavor.LOS VAN VAN, and PUPY PEDROSO are a perfect example with EL NEGRO ESTA COCINANDO and AY, at work im always balsting my salsa on my ipod.some people hear it thru the head set especially one american girl(very gringa :) and i made her a cd.i knoew deep down insida that she wouldnt "feel" the music and its a shame because salsa music is almost all not saying someone that doesnt speak spanish cant shake that a*# really hot but understanding the lyrics really adds to the flavor.ok,my fingers got tired of typing.........
  17. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    eres cubano?! y vas a decirme que el 'agua' de los van van es evian...? :eek:

    si, y una papaya es una fruta... ;)
  18. acpjr

    acpjr Tumbao

    Thanks for the book tip, I'm going to put it on my To Read list.

    Here's the Amazon link for anyone interested:
  19. biggah

    biggah Son

    trulymadlyamanda,"dale malanga que le gusta la vianda" en el negro esta cocinando tampoco es lo que se pone en la boca,sabes que? si me pongo a pensar, quizas si?! creo que es mejor parar o apagar la luz de la cocina. la gente se sorprendio lo rico que cocino yo. LOL saludos de miami
  20. Fundance

    Fundance Changui

    I really wouldn't be able to say 'how many' - depends on the partner, the music and what I feel like doing. And really, there aren't *that many* basic patterns - just thousands of variations on how they can be danced, & how your style and hers are applied to them.

    But one (just one, mind) satisfying approach in any one dance is to develop on a modest number of themes as the dance progresses, by adding variations and small surprises as the music repeats its patterns. This is also one good way of exploring and tuning into a new partner.

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