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  1. This is a question for all the female salseras. At what point do guys make you uncomfortable by getting to touchy feely, how much body to body contact is appropriate. I tend not to get to physical with beginners because they dont understand the plutonic relationship between dancers just yet, but amongst you girls who have been in the game for awhile, is there a line or does it all depend on the guy your dancing with? :kisskiss:
  2. peachexploration

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    Hi MS. :) For the most part, I think it depends on who your dancing with, the level at which your dancing (as you have already indicated) and the dancing itself. There are certainly moves that you would use more with say maybe your significant other or even an advance dancer that you would not use with a beginner. More sensual moves like cheek to cheek, hips rolls, embracing someone's face, caressing someone's hair, etc. that are just uncomfortable with some and not others. I would write more but I'll let other contribute. Anyone else? :)
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    I'm okay with a little bit of body to body dancing, as long as it's not the whole dance. It can be used like a move, to change up the dancing, but I wouldn't be okay with it if the guy wanted to dance body to body the entire time.
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    For the most part, when something's part of a move, usually it's ok even if it's a little close-like... I find that with people who dance with each other regularly such as in my dance class, you sort of put in a mental distance to neutralize the physical closeness. To counteract it, in a way. The instances of people getting romantically involved etc is quite quite low. But when it comes to moves like rubbing cheeks and all... I think women in my class tend to feel considerably embarassed and will giggle and mostly avoid the move. I might stop and say---you're kidding, right?? :D Somehow one will make light of it and move on.

    But the type of Too Close that's really annoying is when guys keep you almost caged. I've sometimes danced with a guy who really wants to run the show exactly his way---it's a personality thing--so he'll hold me in a sort of close cage that controls every movement. We look in perfect coordination, obviously, but boy, I can't even wiggle a bit!

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    i cant see how you can move if you are dancing body to body,
    ok with some moves there must be body contact, but most of the time im dancing with 2 arms infront of me (not the regular dansing possition) but thats a part of my style.

    then again some times body contact is nessaseraly for a move, for example comming out of a cross body bringing your partner realy close (full body contact) hands on her shoulder blades her hands on his shoulders bending the woman back and make a swing: called back sweep.

    sorry for the long explanation of just one move but im just trying to make my point clear :) :)

    so no body contact for me exept for some moves (i like to have space to dance) :D
  6. LilWhiteBlondGrl

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    Completely depends on the couple, and level of experience. Some girls are just touchy-feely, and are comfortable with more sensual dancing. However, others, like me, only like to be close when we know you and are comfortable with you. I'm probably more anti-touchy-feely than most girls are with those they don't know.
    If I don't know you, please keep some distance on the dance floor, or just keep the sexy moves to a minimum. Ha ha! However, if you are just a sensual, close dancer in general, and you dance that way with EVERYONE, then I'm not really uncomfortable, I just don't like it.

    But there are definitely a few people...I can think of about four...that I am very comfortable with close dancing. And when I am very comfortable with my partner so that I can just enjoy the dance, I absolutely love it. :friend:
  7. lolita

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    it absolutely depends on the guy am dancing with, some guys do it as a showing off tool, prooving that they can look sexy with any woman on the dance floor, believe me i've seen it.
    some other guys do it cuz they cant do anything but IT, which i totaly hate.
    those guys i can dance body to body with are the guys i simply adore dancing with , those who can do it with no body contact, but we still do it cuz the music feels right when its done this way , and still no bad intentions on their minds!!
  8. It's entirely subjective - it depends what's done and the way it is done.

    I would say the best way to find out is to ask the ladies you dance with...they'll be your best port of call :D
  9. David

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    Esther Muir: "Oh, hold me closer! Closer!".
    Groucho: "If I hold you any closer I'll be in back of you". :lol:
  10. peachexploration

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. CapricornDancer

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    Contact signs

    Yeah, I've been dancing for so many years now . . . I don't so much have to ask as to look. There are ways a woman moves when she is inviting more body-contact. And ways she looks at you. I find it a substantial compliment when a relative stranger is comfortable with dancing close with me - not the whole dance, just the moves that work for it. So, the aim for a man - as with all partner dance - is to provide his partner with a frame in which to paint a picture of joy. Body-to-body dancing is part of that, in so far as the painter wishes to paint it, coloured. :)
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    I figured we can continue this discussion pertaining to dancing close from the other (now locked) thread here, since it's a relevant topic :)
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    If its inappropriate to contribute here, lemme know. But I have experienced this as a lead. I am a bit shy and some follows have more comfort with closeness than I do. In the last year I have become somewhat able to dance a bit close for a specific move; and I am more comfortable with friends. But I am not always accustomed to closeness in dancing.

    Now, the ladies who were too close were not being aggressive or frisky; some people just have a much greater comfort with less distance or outright closeness and a smaller default distance.

    I usually deal with it by always mixing in enough simple turns or crossbody leads (depnding on the dance) that I can be comfortable.

    But being a bit more formal by default can definitely be a hinderance. It was a struggle for me in the one kizomba workshop I took. Fortunately they had a hugging / comfort / destressing part of the workshop. But otherwise I only kizomba with friends I trust at real dances.

    And even salsa and bachata can sometimes surprise me when my partner has a totally closer comfort range than I do. :)

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